National Flag and Anthem of Kazakhstan on top of Mont Blanc

In early September 2014, Almaty businessman Alexander Serazetdinov and Alexander Sofrygin committed climbing and raised the national Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan on top of Mont Blanc. For the first time in the history of the famous peak of Western Europe "heard" the State Anthem of the...


Treasures of Sary-Yessyk-Atyrau Desert

Sary-Yesik-Atyrau desert’s appearance is very typical for Kazakhstan. It is located close to Balkhash, between the rivers Ili and Karatal. Although on the maps it is marked as an entirely sand, in fact it is mainly clayey, with large areas of overgrown dunes. There are some places with remained...


Thirst for sea

Modern Kazakhstan hardly can be called a sea power. But many great lakes,which have been impressing travelers with their huge sizes and power, are located on its territory. I propose to make a little trip to one Kazakhstani Sea, where thereare no "air-capable" connections, no peaceful fishing...


Baikonur - Homeland of the space tourism

Cosmodrome Baikonur is becoming more and more famous as an object of both traditional and space tourism. It isthe first Space Harbor on theplanet,from where the first space touristshave launched into space.


Crust around great Almaty pyramid

Almaty inhabitants and guests who have ever lifted their heads up and looked at the mountains, pay attention, of course, to the perfect pyramidal peak, towering over districts "Kazakhfilm" and "Orbita". This pyramid is a Big Almaty Peak.