Beautiful Sunday in Almaty


I am not from Almaty, but I love this city, happily visit it often, write articles for the Almaty periodicals, but I never had such a truly magical weekend, as it happened just the other day in sunny July.


Route to waterfall Gorelnik

Waterfalls are not very common phenomenon in Trans-Ili Alatau Mountains. Large once can be counted on the fingers. So the meeting with each of them is more interesting and emotionally intense. I would like to offer the readers an easy one-day trip to one of the most beautiful local waterfalls...


Dinosaurs in Kurty

Inquiring researchers noticed a long time ago the amazing similarity between Loch Ness Lake in Scotland and the Curtin Reservoir in Semirechye. Both of these wonderful ponds stretched among the surrounding hills. I do not know how is in Loch, but in Kurtynibble is so good that every fisherman...


The waterfalls of Bear gorge

In chase of greatness, we very often overlook far more interesting things. Main routes endless crowds use seeking non-stop for cherished goals often pass the real discoveries for which they do not have enough time and curiosity. Bear gorge is one of them.


Left Talgar. Is it so left?

It is only in politics leftism is a childhood disease. In geography, it means nothing. Personally, I think that ravine of Left Talgar is the most beautiful in Ile Alatau.


Eternal glaciers within the precincts of Almaty city

Residents of the south capital of Kazakhstan Almaty, who wish to visit eternal ice, have two alternative ways. Either to go as far as a few thousand kilometers to Novaya Zemlya in the Arctic Zone (its glaciers are the closest), or to climb a few kilometers up to the mountains of Zailiyskyi...