Winners Are Born!

Yerlan Stambekov is one of a few Kazakhstan citizens, who has a deep sense of personal responsibility for what is happening in the country. He started his business activities in the 1990's in the stock exchange. Establisher of Paryz Charity Fund. General producer of the musical group “The Magic...


A descendant of the blue bloods

In late January, we received the terrible news about tragic car accident that resulted in death of Baurzhan Kanatovich Assaubayev. He was one of the most well-known businessmen in the country. This news caused a shock in the society. Not only friends and relatives of Baurzhan and Assaubayev...


Peoples’ Friendship Cinema Ball

At the beginning of November in Almaty, in the Friendship House an unprecedented event – the First Charity Cinema Ball – was held. Besides the varied dance and music programme, guests were pleased also with several film premieres.


Interesting and Vivid Meetings of Nursultan Nazarbayev

Acorda press-service has posted historical photos, which depict N. Nazarbayev in different years, on its official Instagram page for the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Happy New Year! I mean, Happy School Year!


Our southern capital is a city of students. It is not a simple coincidence that at the end of each summer, the number and quality of the city residents undergo the dramatic changes. The city is virtually filled with new people and getting younger from day to day! While there are the deliberate...


Mangystau: people and ancient monuments


Ustyurt plateau and Mangystau peninsula that are situated between such two mediterranean seas as Aral and Caspian have long been a truly enigmatic piece of land. The rumour about its incalculable treasures and wayward inhabitants was spread all over oecumene, disturbing ardent minds of travelers...


To see, experience, and photograph everything…

He is sure that photojournalist’s occupation is the most important one on Earth, because documentary photos speak only the truth. People die and things change, but photographs remain and keep memories about the past. And there will be no future without our past. Because memory is just what makes...


Multicultural Kazakhstan

The uniqueness of Kazakhstan is expressed primarily in multicultural multiethnic people. It is home to 126 ethnic groups, whose representatives speak in different languages.


A Brazilian in Kazakhstan

Many of us must be dreaming to spend some time in Brazil, to enjoy its warm tropic climate, beaches of Copacabana and the romantic gorgeousness of Rio-de-Janeiro. But there is such a man who left the city of carnivals and festivals for the sake of living in our lovely Almaty. His name is Leandro...


Ilham awards ceremony

Seeing the full house of the Republic Palace when Ilham, the social award ceremony, is being held here, you understand how important it is for the society to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of its compatriots.


Balabandia, the first circus festival

The first charity circus festival under the title Balabandia took place in Almaty. This festivous and funny event was designed to help children from social institutions of Kazakhstan adapt in society.


The main tourist attraction of Almaty

Who in this land is the fairest of all? This question is unambiguously answered by every woman not devoid of self-esteem, but in the brutal men’s world it often becomes the subject of hot polemics and prolonged philosophical dicta.