The lands of centaurs

The dowdiness of steppe horses in no way conforms to their role in the history of civilization. This does happen – the modest appearance conceals the true grandeur from eyes with blinkers on. These little horses have neither grace of Arab horses, nor aristocracy of English breeds, nor strength...


Issyk lake and its former glory

"...We saw "Green Lake" (Dzhasyl -kul)at our feet, it had the most pure and clear, deeply blue-green color of transbaikalian beryl... We saw the wonderful sight of mountain giants, sunlit against a background of cloudless sky above, and black clouds with lightning over the "Green Lake" below, it...


The Semipalatinsk nuclear testing area

"The Third World Warwas stopped here".


Historical fight with locust

The fight with locust begun in biblical times in Egypt and was going permanently as long as agriculture existed. Locust is a bad luck; it is not a coincidence that it was listed as a "plague of Egypt"; struggle with the locust is implacable and eternal, and always was under the special control...


Earth Space Harbor number 1

Anyone in the world would agree that the most unique place on the planet associated with space exploration is located in Kazakhstan. It is Baikonur, there was made the first in the history of Mankind launch of manned spacecraft into space.


The noteworthy camel

Foreigners visiting Kazakhstan to see a live camel among other things are going to be disappointed: the majority of Kazakhstani citizens, especially urban, know the camel only because they see it walking at Nauryz (New Year in Middle Asia) carnivals.


‘Les parisiennes’ in our steppe

One of the best-informed steppe inhabitants researcher of the 19th century, Vassiliy Radlov, once wrote that Kazakhs “with all the good reason could be called the French of the Western Asia”. His statement was justified with the extraordinary sociable manner of the nomads, their love for fun and...