Great Jade Road

Since everyone knows about the Great Silk Road. And someone may even remember the dates of his life. May be those who will tell you about the routes, and that this name was given to it in 1877 by German historian K. Richthofen in his book on China. But before the advent of the Great Silk Road...


Ancient Shymkent City

On October 25, the city of Shymkent celebrates its anniversary. For the first time in a new venerable age. It turns out that Shymkent is 2200 years old! It means that it is older than ancient Turkestan. But the Kazakh scientists began to speak of this not today, but much earlier.


Abylai Khan - Era in Kazakhstan’s History

His life may serve as classic example of influence of a personality on the course of the world’s history, and it may be a source of inspiration for creation of both epic-scale literary best-sellers and mega-blockbusters of Hollywood level, as for dramatic situations, intensity, plentifulness of...


Secrets of Kent Mountains (3). Sowing Seeds of Good Deeds

Who and when built Kyzyl-Kent? No one knows that for sure, because the written sources are lacking. You can only make guesses and suggestions. To understand the situation, it should be mentioned that this is not the only construction of its kind in Kazakhstan.


(1) Secret Life and Death

Nikolay Veselovsky, an expert orientalist, compared the life of Valikhanov with a ‘flashed meteor’. It was such bright and brief. However, I would dare to compare his life with another, much more mysterious object, using the memorial-astronomical terminology. I would compare it with a comet. A...


Bidobadkhan and Ubiybatko

Looking through the old newspapers is incredibly interesting thing. Fortunately, there is plenty in my old cellar. Today I would like to introduce you to the advertising, which is hundred and twenty years old. It's not just advertising - these are the posters of various commercial and other...


Blessed City of Mikhail Zoshchenko

August 9 is the birthday of a great Soviet satirist Mikhail Zoshchenko. Zoshchenko lived in Kazakhstan a year and a half of his sixty-four years of life, more precisely, he resided in Alma-Ata city. Finally, he started writing the main book of his life Before Sunrise.


Sara the akin

“Is Sara here? Let her come forth, Birzhan Seri - the singer has come. Who comes near Sara in eloquence? But now her life is drawing to an end”.


Hero of the Kazakh steppes

Mukan Munaitpasov was awarded by CEC Presidium of the Kazakh SSR in 1927, and he got the title "Hero of the Kazakh steppes", he is mostly known as Qajimuqan. (In other years and other places he was called Yamagata-Muhanura, Kara Mustafa, Mahmut, Kara Ivan, etc.)


Fate of the nomad

Nomadic cattle-breeding is the main method of managing the steppe farming. And, under the local extensive farming, it is perhaps the only one. It is a striking example of human adaptation to the life conditions, which are not really adaptable.


Zoologist Severtsev visiting Kokand

First European scientist and traveler, who visited Turkestan, a holy city for Muslims of Central Asia, was a Russian Darwinist and humanist Nikolai Severtsev. However, he came here against his will.


Grigory Potanin's contribution to the construction of the Southern Capital

Grigoriy Nikolayevich Potanin (1835-1920) is a traveler, geographer and ethnographer, who needs no special introduction. His name is rightly placed next to the name of the great Przhewalski, Potanin’s contribution to the painting of the Great White Spot in Central Asia is beyond doubt.


"Arrival of a Train": Kazakhstani version

Everyone knows that the art of the film, which according to Ulyanov-Lenin, the leader of the world proletariat, was "the most important of the arts", came to Kazakhstan in Russian empire time.


Pirates of the Caspian Sea

If you look for the most enigmatical and mysterious sea on Earth, you would be surprised to find out that it is not close to the Atlantic empires, but to "land" countries such as Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, which do not actually have access to the open sea. Caspian Sea is sea only...


How old is Turkestan?

Not so long ago Turkestan city celebrated its 1500th anniversary. But, nevertheless, nobody really knows the true age of the city.