Uralsk - between Europe and Asia


Uralsk city is located on a large Ural River, which geographically divides the continent into Europe and Asia. Officially Uralsk is 400 years old. It was founded in 1613 by runaway peasants and tradespeople and back then it was called Yaitsky town and was renamed by Catherine II in 1775 into Uralsk.

Ural region is a place of Pugachev’s Peasant War, and many things in the history of the city are connected with these events. Pugachev’s rebellion brought here A.S. Pushkin; he was here in 1833, collecting material for his "Captain's Daughter". Here were V.I. Dahl, V.A. Zhukovsky, L.N. Tolstoy, V.G. Korolenko, M.A. Sholokhov; fabulist I.A. Krylov spent his childhood here. Feodor Shaliapin came on tour in Uralsk in 1891, at the beginning of his fame.

During the Soviet period Ural region became home land of great Kazakh composers: Kurmangazy, Dauletkerei, Mukhit, outstanding artists Khadisha Bukeeva, Rosa Dzhamanova, Garifulla Kurmangaliyev. During the Great Patriotic War, Manshuk Mametova glorified this place as the first woman of the East, awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

The Ural River is famous for its unique fish resources. Organized fishery exists here since the 18th century. Now, Uralsk is an administrative center of West Kazakhstan region with population 276,000 people (2013). Here works a lot of industrial enterprises, educational and cultural institutions.

The city center has retained its historic look. The oldest building in the city is Mihailovo Archangel Cathedral (1740), which was a witness to all the historical events. Father's house of "the Tsar’s bride" of rich Cossack Kuznetsov is located not far from the cathedral, now it is the Museum of Pugachev. However, historical monuments are everywhere - Christ the Saviour Cathedral (1891), old merchant houses, a rotunda established under Stolypin.

The oldest park in the country is located here, it used be "Army dacha", now it is a city park of culture and recreation, which was founded in 1840. This is a favorite place of the Uralsk’s inhabitants, a very beautiful and picturesque, with the bicentennial oaks located on the banks of the River Chagan. The city has two drama theaters - Kazakh and Russian, Philharmonic, 7 museums, 6 cinemas, 11 cultural centers and clubs, 24 libraries with book fund more than a million volumes. A.N. Ostrovsky theater is more than 160 years old; this is the oldest drama theater in Kazakhstan.


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