Taldykorgan - Taldy - Paris


Taldykorgan is a special city. Locals call it often Taldy - Paris. What can have in common two completely different cities? It turns out that here is an invisible connection. Paris and Taldykorgan pass exactly through the 45th degree of north latitude. At this point common ends and the difference begin.

Taldykorgan is located in the center of the Semirechye, in a picturesque valley of river Karatal at the foothills of Jungar Alatau at altitude over 650 meters above sea level. Taldykorgan has always been an important center of international trade thanks to its geographical position, near the border between China and Kazakhstan. In the past, it was located on the way of Great Silk Road. Taldykorgan with population over 140,000 people, representing 70 nationalities, became the center of and Almaty region on September 22, 2001.

In 2009, Taldykorgan celebrated its 140th anniversary. On the day of the city were opened new places for the townspeople leisure time - Youth Alley in the micro district Karatal and five beautiful public gardens with small architectural forms, sidewalks, lawns, flower beds, hedges, deciduous and coniferous trees.

The entrance arch is one of the main attractions. It consists of four supporting parts, like the four corners of the earth, which support shanyrak - a symbol of a common home, unity and prosperity; an emblem of Almaty region completes the composition. Decoration of the city became embankment of the river Karatal. A large water park opened there in 2002 has become a favorite place of small townspeople. Monument for Kabanbai Batyr, one of the legendary heroes that organized resistance to Jungar invasion in the XVIII century, is interesting as well. The monument was opened on 23 September 2009. The monument was funded on public contributions.

The economic basis of the city consists of three dozen medium and large enterprises. The most powerful are two accumulator factories, enterprise producing reinforced concrete structures, plant for the production of cable- conducting products, the only producer in Kazakhstan of the hot-galvanized goods for the needs of power supply construction.

In recent years Taldykorgan has become a major cultural center. Education system constitutes of Ilyas Zhansugurov Zhetysu State University, Academy, the two institutions, and more than fifty vocational schools, schools, and kindergartens. The city has 15 national cultural centers, 2 museums, art gallery, Ilyas Zhansugurov museum of literature, M. Tynyshpayev historical museum, dramatic theater, two recreation parks, libraries and cinemas.

For sport, the city has a sports complex "Orken" with swimming pools and gyms, stadium "Zhetysu" for 6000 seats and a few dozen pools and gyms in enterprises and educational institutions. Townspeople and visitors can improve their health in about three dozen health care institutions.


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