The Recreation Park

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This park is nearly of the same age with the city of Vernyi (now Almaty). Its fortress and settlement were founded in 1854, and the Public garden at its southern outskirts appeared in 1856. However, its primary mission – to be a transplant nursery and provide local farmers with young fruit plants – very soon (as soon as trees accrued) faded into insignificance. As for the leisure zone, it became more significant, and it was appreciated and loved by city people.  

We have trees (through thick and thin) and alleys dating from that period: birch, oak, poplar, and pine ones – they were planted by students from the local gardening school 100 years ago. Plus the pond with an artificial small island that emerged here in 1870s. And – this strange attraction that city and suburban residents of all ages still feel towards this shady park.

In my childhood the Central Recreation Park named after Gorky (Gorky parks existed in Moscow and in cities all over Soviet Union) was always the place of festivity. Despite the simplicity of amusement rides and the explicit shabbiness of food courts, the reckless excitement from entertainments added to the enthusiasm of Soviet people did let us enjoy the real proper rest. Some amateur performance at the open-air stage, Ferris wheel, children’s railway, cotton candy for kids and indistinct but delicious shashlik and beer for adults, the obligatory visit of the adjoining zoo – all this I still remember in minute details.

In fact, an unspoiled person doesn’t need to rush to Disneyland to get some good rest anyway. Even more so, nowadays the park is changing right before your eyes and becomes better and more cultured. 


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