Our Cathedral!

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This elegant building in the center of the old park is one of the main decorations of the city for more than 100 years. (Name of city was changed three times: Vernyj– Alma-Ata - Almaty during this time).

Orthodox Saint-Ascension Cathedral was built by the most recognizable Vernyj architect and town planner Andrei Zenkovin 1906; and it immediately became one of the attractions of Semirechyeregion and pridesubject of parishioners and townspeople. Priderocked after the severe earthquakein 1911when a lot of buildingswere destroyed, but a 44-meter Cathedralwithstood (its predecessor, by the way, was destroyed by the disaster in 1897). Let me remind you that it was not some indistinct shocks that townspeople got used to, but theearthquake measuring 8-10 on the Richter scale!

Stability of the Cathedral has proved Zenkov’santi-seismic construction approach. Wooden frame made from strong Tien Shan firs, fastened together with iron pins in a flexible structure was put on the monolith of reinforced concrete. Many high-rise buildings are being built according to this principle in the southern capital. Cathedral resisted the next disaster as well; this time it was social disaster, when militant atheists unleashed their anger on everything that reminded of God. The Church, however, was kicked out of the temple; the building was a museum during the Soviet times, well known to everyone who read the novel "Keeper of Antiquities" by Dombrowski. The bells were dropped, but crosses stayed.

Later Cathedral became concert-exhibition hall. And then it was returned to the parishioners again. But regardless of all of this, the true citizens of all political preferences, religions and nationalities continue to love and be proud of this wonderful building in the old park. And our love does not age! I know myself that it is impossible to pass by, even if in a hurry. You will turn from your way just to admire this majestic heritage of the city once again!


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