Mangystau: people and ancient monuments


Ustyurt plateau and Mangystau peninsula that are situated between such two mediterranean seas as Aral and Caspian have long been a truly enigmatic piece of land. The rumour about its incalculable treasures and wayward inhabitants was spread all over oecumene, disturbing ardent minds of travelers, scientists, tradesmen, commanders, governors, and many others.

Indeed, this spot of Eurasian communications, against the background of the magnificent and peculiar nature in all times there were taking place the most significant ethnic-and-cultural processes, which influenced the development of the world history.

Text by Abish Kekilbayev, the peoples author of RK


We are living here not just one day, but for centuries,
And spirits of our ancestors protect us!
We never forget their names and their heroic deeds, –
We are an unhurried story of the Caspian sea.


The ornament on the carpet is a map, a long way
Of camping grounds, going away into the eternity,
The ornament is trying to protect and return them,
Look into the carpet – there is Infinity before you.

Stare, and you will see the world of the past,
To be exact, it’s eternal, it’s not the photography,
That shimmers with the colours of the earthly path,
It’s all the layers of centuries you see – the live geography.


Here, Time has been freaked out.
One century is gone, and then another.
A beetle sits in the dry grasses
Drawing the scheme of the garden lost.

Water is gone, and there are
Shark’s teeth on the bed of the bygone ocean.
And it seems so foolish
To imagine the world of the happy Adam

And the human will go hiding in caves
To realize all losses of his…
To discover himself again…
And the new century

Makes doors in the Sanctuary.

Verses by Bakhyt Kairbekov


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