The Landscapes of Mangystau


We were overwhelmed with surprise and admiration when we were making long and numerous visits to the most secluded and hard-to-reach eastern parts of the Caspian Sea region. Impressions that we had when we saw all this  made us want to capture this beauty in its absolute purity, which evokes in each of us thoughts about the principii of the world and about who we are with regards to the life on earth. Thus was born the idea to create the picture book, which could open the page of the unique mysteries of the ancient Mangystau just for a moment.

The insufficient bitter basin of Caspian
Lies before my land’s salty lips.

Olzhas Suleimenov


The shore is open, waiting to meet,
Like someone is waiting to meet his dream with his hands open
And shedding tears – thus the soul is healed,
Heart-to-heart with the eternal beauty.

Thus you meet your bliss with all your soul,
Thus you drink this life’s sweet moment with all your heart!

So bitter it is to be the godforsaken part of the ocean…
There’s nobody to speak to – your language is forgotten…


Unidentified emotion.
No exclamations. No prayers.
No sun. No wind. It’s empty.
Thus the gratitude is forever asleep.
And you can neither add to nor subtract from
This severe silence.
And like back then, we have no right
To plunge into these dreams – not dreams.


Oh, the dead sea of the desert,
The islands of dry thorns!
The greeting words are so simple –
These are the words of immortality.

A diamond of the sparkling droplet
On the dusty velvet of the desert –
It’s dearer than money and lodgings…
Oh tears, you are so pure and rare!

Verses by Bakhyt Kairbekov


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