Kokshetau - city on the blue mountains


Kokshetau means literally "Blue Mountain” in translation from Kazakh, it is located in a beautiful place - on the lakesides of the artificial lake Copa, on the north Kokshetau hill.

Kokshetau’s main attraction is its location - close to the State National Parks "Burabai" and "Kokshetau"; they are famous for the many beautiful lakes surrounded by picturesque mountains, which are covered with dense coniferous forests and birch groves. A long time ago here, between the Blue Mountains and swamps, was a river “Chaglinka”, its waters were transferred over specially dug canal to the waterlogged places by order of the military authorities in the late 19th century. This is how Lake Copa has been created, Kokshetau is located on its lakesides.

The official date of the city foundation is April 29, 1824. That was the day, when at the foot of the mountain was found settlement Kokshetau. After 40 years, it has grown into the county town of Steppe territory of Russian Empire.

Kokchetav region (back then Kokshetau was called Kokchetav) was established on March 16, 1944 by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh SSR and Kokchetav city became a regional center. After Kazakhstan got its independence, changes in the administrative structure of the country took a place; Kokshetau with the population - 136.9 thousand people (2012) became a regional center of the modified Akmola region in April 1999.

The city is clean and comfortable, constantly evolving - first as a center for agricultural and ranching economy, then as an industrial and cultural center of the region. Here are a few museums with interesting historical exhibition, university, libraries and theaters: Regional Drama Theatre and Philharmonic Hall.

This city is known as a resort; on the lakesides there are hotels, health centers and holiday houses. Mild mountain climate, clean coniferous air and the presence of healing mud make a stay here not only enjoyable but also curative.


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