Kok Tobe, the sightseeing platform in Almaty

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To get a detailed view of the largest megalopolis in the country from above, you have neither to order a helicopter nor to search for the entrance to the roofs of the highest skyscrapers at all. To take a cable car at Abay square will be enough. Within ten minutes of ride you’ll see our southern capital under your feet and spread right before your eyes! 

Kok Tobe is 1070 m high. This is above sea level. But because Almaty at the foot of Zailiyskiy Alatau is located 700-800 m above sea level, our sightseeing platform happens to sit just at the point from which you’ll be able to see not only the whole city, but spot all the smallest details in it. In main streets one can observe not only cars, but pedestrians, too. If you have good eyesight, you may tell a woman from a man (it’s not Europe that we live in!). And, moreover, to assess how pretty the woman is (provided you have fertile imagination).

The best time for viewing the city from above is the early Sunday morning in summer. After the night rain. But the most vivid impression is that you get from the view of the evening city, when sun is setting in distant steppes, shadows outline more and more details of the urban landscape, light is going off and the shining night illumination is on below.

However, you may look other directions from Kok Tobe. The mountain view from here is not less breathtaking than view of the city! 


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