Kazakh steppe horse


The Kazakh steppe horse is probably not as good-looking as the Arabian one, but it's not about the beautiful appearance only. Staying power, natural point, speed and force are features that raise warm affection and gratitude toward this animal. The mutual elation of pursuit to the point where the steppe merges with the sky evoked in nomads’ souls the song of the pace along the steppe, tendency for contemplations and natural aesthetics. 

Nomads couldn’t do without horse riding, and the wind was singing its song in the manes of horses speeding through time. A Kazakh’s childhood and development, ability to overcome hardships and building of life was always accompanied by his loyal horse, and the good financial situation provided - the whole herd, even if having rights other than an accompanying horse.

Unlike specialized or factory-bred specimens for certain purposes, local species developed according to natural laws. They grew up in extreme conditions and proved to be perfectly adapted to severe environmental conditions. These breeds are divided into three groups according to their habitats: forest, steppe, and mountain. All these horse species are of rather small size and have very average capability: one can ride them, but not too swiftly like race horses, transport goods on them but not so heavy like on draft horses… However, they have one stunning feature: they are incredibly sturdy and unpretentious. And sometimes just these characteristics prove so mostly important that may influence even the march of the history. Let’s recall, for instance, hordes of Genghis khan that captured half the world riding steppe horses… 


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