Incubator for the winged

Autor of project: 

A human is an earthly creature. Because of this, to rise higher than Nature made it possible for him is a burning dream escorting the whole history of our civilization. The beautiful ideé fixe of the mankind. And we should do the justice to our pushiness – we did achieve something. 

The principle of the permanent struggle with gravitation is taken as a basis for more than one technique. Together with “stronger” and “faster”, “higher” is in the anthological triad that underpins sports. It also lies at the foundation of the boldest architectural masterpieces. But the most beautiful demonstration of rising high is rightfully considered to be the classical ballet.

It is not without reason that one of its essential principles is called ballon - the ability of a dancer to hang in the air in perfect complete poses. And elevation, an inborn ability for high jumps, is a necessary sign of an artiste’s maturity.

At the end of each spring I admire the enchanting view of the mass emergence of the new winged generation from their nest. The flying of ballerina or the jump of dancer, when it is performed both with filigree technique and fullness of soul enchants equally both connoisseurs and dilettantes. Because the illusion of a human overcoming the gravitation and soaring for a brief instant over his earthly nature is just absolute.

The place of action is Choreographic school named after Seleznyov in Almaty. It is rightfully considered to be the best institution of this profile all over Central Asia. All the pictures were taken there in random years. A standard hyperbola sounds here truly non-metaphorically – “They flew apart to the winds”!


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