Happy New Year! I mean, Happy School Year!

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Our southern capital is a city of students. It is not a simple coincidence that at the end of each summer, the number and quality of the city residents undergo the dramatic changes. The city is virtually filled with new people and getting younger from day to day! While there are the deliberate and apparent excitement in the air, coming from the fiery youth, thinking of how to build a better future for themselves.

The streets and public transport are colourful due to abundance of you and unfledged beauties, arrived from every corner of our country. Provincial shyness, not yet changed into the impudence and the hope, which is still alive and not yet turned to a cold calculation, bring the primordial fresh feeling to the streets. That's why I like that much this period of time, at the decline of each summer.

1st of September is an apotheosis of this short reign of the young romance. The mixed crown of school pupils join the students. It is particularly nice to walk (since it is impossible to drive a car!) in the festive city and to admire the young people, which will populate the city in the future. You will never see them like they are at the moment!


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