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In the nearest weekend in August 22-24 an awesome magical and loved by thousands of Kazakh people “Four E” festival will take place for the 5th time at Almaty foot hill. For the fifth anniversary year Eco-Ethnic-Emotional Evolution is planning to gather more than 10 000 FourEcipants on its music venue. 

Eco-Ethnic-Emotional Evolution - these are the vey four “E” that enclose the festival conception. The background for its holding was a desire to gather in one place people that are interested in their body and spirit development. This year a whole Four E city will appear at the place of the greatest in Kazakhstan Open air where every street and district will live their full bright and unique life.

At that, festival space is traditionally free from alcohol and tobacco. “Four E - Eco Festival” is different each year but it always upholds the root principle that is a healthy lifestyle. The festival space is filled with creative, sport, educational, ecological programs and also contains day and night musical concerts with stars cast”, says Dmitry Dishandi, Four E “producer”.

Recalling the festival history it is interesting to note that the very first festival partakers were people of creative occupations: musicians, artists, designers, architects, craftsmen. The first festival took place near the Enbekshi village at the Baikol lake and though the fest territory was not as big as now, everything went so perfectly that in a year the fest territory and a number of festival guests grew at least three times as many.

In general it worth noting that thanks to sure faith of the festival managers, efforts and strivings that they put into this project, within just few years Four E festival turned into a global international project that gathers together thousands of amazing, open, creative and inspiring people from different corners of the world and gives them opportunity to share incredible amount of positive energy, warmth, knowledge and truth with each other.

The feeling that one can experience having visited the festival can be compared with feeling of being in another dimension, where only kind, open and creative people surround you. An atmosphere of deep peace and happiness reigns. For all the festival time I didn’t meet any frowning face or any angry person, I didn’t see anyone discontent.

Without any doubts, this festival makes an invaluable contribution into our society development, it teaches to trust, love yourself and the world around. And that means long years are ahead to surprise and bring joy, as people will always try to search their souls, look into the root of their problems and solve them, learn to understand this world and interact in harmony with it, celebrate every moment, live here and now, love and be loved, bring peace to this world.

For anyone who is not a habitual fourEcipant yet, for anyone who doesn’t know about this festival or hasn’t heard of it. Check here. (http://ecofest.kz). Get surprised, take your friend, kids, parents with you and come to the magical Four E city! 

Photo provided by the organizers of the festival


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