Astana, the young capital of Kazakhstan


Astana is the young capital of Kazakhstan, nearly the youngest one of all the world capitals. And though the city itself that changed several names is not so young, it’s because of becoming the capital it flourished and was transformed into an ultramodern capital of the new independent Kazakhstan.

Astana today is the center for business, industry, and culture to the republic. Since 1997, right from the moment it got the status of capital, the city has been growing and being built by leaps and bounds. Universally celebrated architects and designers realize their ideas here, in unique projects, such as the Palace of Peace and Conciliation in the shape of the Pyramid, “Khan Shatyr” trade and entertainment center, the State Library, Baiterek tower, and many other extraordinary buildings and architectural ensembles.

Each citizen of Astana is proud of it, each guest admires it. There are many places to see – apart from various entertainment centers, the city also has a few theatres, many museums, and an ethnopark – the exclusive museum in the open air, and even the oceanarium. City monuments, interesting sculptures, luxurious and comfortable residential settlements – all this is a glue between Astana of today, modern, businesslike, and wonderful, and Astana of yesterday, of the history and customs of the past, which brought up this youthful beauty which we observe now. 


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