Altai: -40°C

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Located in close proximity to the Siberian anticyclone zone, Altai even in its most westerly – Kazakhstani – part undergoes all the charms of Arctic winters. And although -40°С is not minimal, it is just the temperature that the author had to experience first-hand. The snapshots that you see here are taken just under conditions of such frost.

If you want to enjoy real frosty winter, you should visit Altai during this season! Considerably low temperatures here are accompanied by severe snowfalls - snow covers rural houses virtually up to their roofs. So, I won’t palter with truth if I say that winter in Altai conforms with its primary meaning, because it’s not just a mere name for a season in this place.

And what about people? Here, people match the conditions. Despite the severe cold, streets and roads are not empty at all. There are more children, though – if schools are closed because of frosts, schoolchildren make use of this recreation right away and spill into chilly streets with their toboggans, skates, and sparkling eyes. Frozen fish mongers love this season not less than kids. When else can you freeze foods so deeply, and without any fridge? 


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