Almaty. The pearl of Kazakhstan


Almaty is the biggest and the most beautiful city in our country according to its citizens. The majority of guests will remember the city for a long time and maybe for ever; and they will recall it as a friendly, hospitable, and charming place on Earth.

Almaty is situated at the foothills of beautiful and high mountains of Zailiiskiy Alatau. Alatau means ‘motley mountains’ in Kazakh, and they are really so multicoloured: green hills of the foothill belt, dark-green of Tien Shan spruces on the steep mountain slopes, blossoming alpine meadows and snow-white peaks covered with eternal ice. This entire splendor is seen by every resident of Almaty from windows of his/her apartment day after day. What is more, usual regular buses get passengers to the start of high-altitude routes. Just half an hour to go – and here you are, skating on the glassy ice of Medeo - the internationally acclaimed skating rink located 1800 m high above sea level. Half an hour more of the ride in the cable car - and here you are, skiing at Chimbulak – the ski resort. It has one of the most beautiful view of snow-capped mountain tops and the city lying at their foothills far below.

Almaty is the city with its distinctive architecture. It is amazingly cozy and smothered with the greenery of big trees growing along all the streets, in courtyards and parks. The modern technologic glass-and-concrete architecture is mixed with the classical one of constructions belonging to the Soviet period. There are a few buildings that have been preserved from the pre-revolutionary period - now they are the monuments of culture protected by the state. There are many fountains, flowers and beautiful people filling the streets and squares.

When the night comes down, Almaty becomes transformed. Neon lights and colourful lamps are lit everywhere, which gives the buildings the dramatic illumination. Even a simple walk along the wide avenues suffused with the cozy orange glow of streetlights will bring you a lot of pleasure.

Almaty is the gorgeous south capital of Kazakhstan. You’d better see it yourself – and you will remember it and love it forever.


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