Wind of Wanderings magazine

Our magazine is a team of like-minded fellows united by one common passion – love for the nature and various hobbies related to it: hunting, fishing, climbing, tourism, and many others. 

About partner: 

We promote an environmental friendliness, because the environment is the only indisputable value. As for the protection of this treasure, it is impossible without natural co-existence of the ever-increasing population of the planet and nature.

In the first place it’s all about ecotourism as the movement able to meet requirements of a human making use of natural resources without the risk of damage to their future rehabilitation. If we take into consideration the fact that today there is no precise and universal definition of ecotourism, the team of our periodical comprehends this phenomenon in a rather broad sense. Notably, as the active form of human recreation, as the relations between humans and nature based on the civilized use of natural wealth without any damage to the nature itself (without any doubts including into ecotourism such forms of the environmental management as hunting and fishing on the basis of the efficient system of hunting and fishery businesses).

The “Wind of Travel” project is the first periodical in Kazakhstan and Central Asia with the distinct commitment to the ecotourism, nature protection, and harmonious exploitation of flora and fauna; it’s our method of putting a message across to people and resolving of acute problems, and of achieving very important, to our mind, goals.

Published since December, 2006
Periodicity: bimonthly
Subscription index: 75465
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The magazine is registered in the Ministry of Culture and Information RK.
Registration certificate № 13670-Ж as of 05.06.2013

Editorial board

A.F. Kovshar’, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Kazakhstan Birds Conservation Union President
R.Zh. Baydavletov, Theriology Laboratory Chief in the Institute of Zoology, Ministry of Science and Education RK
S.P. Katnov, Vice President of Koramsak Legal Entities Association: Association of enterprises and organizations engaged in the sphere of civilian and service weapons turnover in the territory of RK
R.R. Shaikenova, Director of Kazakhstani Tourist Association (KTA)
V.A.Korablyov, Master of Sport USSR Tourism, Professor of the Tourism Department in Turan University
A.N. Maryashev, Master of Sport USSR Mountain Climbing, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor in the Institute of Archeology named after Margulan
S.V. Sokolov, Chief Game Manager of the Association of Legal Entities “Federation of Hunters and Fishermen RK” (Kazohotrybolovsoyuz)
K.B. Isbekov, Director General to JSC “Kazakh Scientific-Research Institute of Fishing Industry”
S.L. Sklyarenko, Cand. Sc. {Biology}, Director of Applied Biology Center, Deputy Director of Sciences in Kazakhstani Association of Biodiversity Conservation

Editorial staff

Editor-in-chief: Natalya Borovaya
Managing editor: Andrey Zubov
Technical director: Svetlana Aleynikova
Literary editor and proofreader: Natalya Tkachenko
Creative director: Oleg Belov
Advertising director: Anna Matsyuk
Art director: Elena Isaac
Circulation and subscription department director: Alisher Paltakhunov


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