Public fund Aldongar

The mission of the Foundation is the development of culture in Kazakhstan, support of social and cultural programs, projects in the sphere of art, humanitarian research and education, popularization of Kazakhstani culture and art abroad. 

About partner: 

The principal directions of Aldongar Foundation’s activity are: development and support of culture and art in Kazakhstan, assistance in the fulfillment of the republic and regional cultural policy, realization of projects in culture including book publishing, cinema and TV, promotion and popularization of Kazakhstani culture abroad, and assistance in the realization of RK cultural heritage preservation programs as well.
The non-governmental foundation of culture development Aldongar» is engaged in publishing of books in different genres and formats on various subjects: from nonfiction and encyclopedias to academic and historical editions, monographs, and publications of scientific and research works in the sphere of philology, history, cultural studies, archeology, anthropology, ethnography, and humanitarian studies. Besides, the Foundation issues photo albums in various fields.

The Foundation’s books are notable for their popular content, detailed editing work, impeccable polygraph quality, modern high-art design and creative approach toward the realization of each individual publishing project.