Nomad-Kazakhstan magazine

Nomad-Kazakhstan is a periodical on history and culture of Kazakhstan. 

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Nomad-Kazakhstan magazine tells you about history of Kazakhstan, its unique cultural heritage and news on the modern cultural life, traditions and customs of Kazakhs, distinguished workers of culture and art, unique monuments of nature and diversity of fauna and flora in our region.

The magazine has been issued since 2005. During this time we have gained the acknowledgment of our readership, proved our consistency and reliability. Exclusive copyrighted materials and lively illustrations make it a wonderful guide for everybody who feels like getting acquainted with the rich past and impressive present of our country.

Editor-in chief: Anastasia Taukelova
Proprietor: RUAN publishing company LLP
Periodicity: quarterly.
Languages: Kazakh, Russian, English.
Subscription index: 75145
Circulation: 5000 copies.


Thumbelina of the Kazakh circus

"What a lovely flower! - said the woman and kissed beautiful variegated petals. At the same moment, something clicked at the heart of the flower and it has opened. It was, in fact, a large tulip, but a real girl sat in there. She was very little, only an inch- tall and very pretty. Therefore,...


Jump of Andrei Noda

Andrei Noda studied to be a chef (school), an electrician (Plant), radiotelegraph operator (Army). He engaged classic wrestling, swimming, pistol shooting, and orienteering. And between all these activities he drew a little. Drawing has won. He became a student of the university of art, among...