Space Researches and Technologies magazine

The first periodical in Kazakhstan, covering issues of the space economic sector of the country, development of the world’s space navigation and international cooperation in this area. This is the private project, unaffiliated with major structures, it is financed through its own subscription and advertising.

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Authors of our articles are qualified experts from Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, European countries and America. The essential subject of the periodical is the international cooperation in ambitious space projects. We also introduce to our readers practical results of the space projects: from the work experience of the KazSat communication satellite to the ERS data application and presentation of research centers. Our magazine pays special attention to the subject of boosters and space bases. In our opinion, the independent access to space has its particular meaning for new participants of the major Space Club. This section is particularly popular among our readers and partners. Our magazine is represented in the leading space centers and companies of the world.

Editor-in-chief: Nurlam Aselkan
Periodicity: quarterly
Languages: Russian, English
Subscription index: 74 470
Circulation: 1 000 copies