DOROGOY magazine

«DOROGOY magazine» (expensive) - this is the only premium edition in Kazakhstan.

About partner: 

“Dorogoy magazine” has been published since September, 2006 and is geared toward people, who are traditionally called the elite or Celebrities Kazakhstan, - toward all those who really influence the economic, cultural, and social atmosphere of our country, who have achieved success in different areas, the famous people, because “success is the most eloquent speaker in the world”. Our periodical has no analogues in the information space of Kazakhstan, Central Asia, and even CIS, and it plays the part of a peculiar respectable club. To be the member of this club is prestigious; everyone speaks here one common language and is sure that the talk here is going to be useful and interesting. This is the periodical with its exclusive design, luxurious, truly high-class graphic arts, and unique publications.


Her colours are so light...


They often say that it is nature that inspires artists. But as for Elena Volkova, she may lay claim to this source of creative clarification more than others. Speaking about her work you can’t but use words characterizing her technique and unique colours: crystal clear, soft, light, bright…


Ilham awards ceremony


Seeing the full house of the Republic Palace when Ilham, the social award ceremony, is being held here, you understand how important it is for the society to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of its compatriots.


Luxe energy


Amazingly frank, good-minded and vigorous, he willingly shares his impressions despite the exhausting flight from Los-Angeles. In his first visit all his impressions are positive. And this despite the fact that according to the law – you know which one – he had to land in Aktau first. And just...


A man from the world of music


Every new talent born in our country unwillingly makes us proud. Because talented people are the special gift of human nature.


The source of my inspiration is happy people


Many of us have ‘a full-dress portrait’ and photos only for personal use. And the same thing is with our essence: celebrities have these two images, internal and external, often standing too far from each other. And only the most daring, or should I say, harmonious people don’t waste their time...