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«DOROGOY magazine» (expensive) - this is the only premium edition in Kazakhstan.

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“Dorogoy magazine” has been published since September, 2006 and is geared toward people, who are traditionally called the elite or Celebrities Kazakhstan, - toward all those who really influence the economic, cultural, and social atmosphere of our country, who have achieved success in different areas, the famous people, because “success is the most eloquent speaker in the world”. Our periodical has no analogues in the information space of Kazakhstan, Central Asia, and even CIS, and it plays the part of a peculiar respectable club. To be the member of this club is prestigious; everyone speaks here one common language and is sure that the talk here is going to be useful and interesting. This is the periodical with its exclusive design, luxurious, truly high-class graphic arts, and unique publications.


Golden deer of eternity

I got acquainted with the gold of Saks a quarter of a century ago, during the shooting of finds from Issyk burial mound for the museum booklet. At that place I met archeologists for the first time, and since then the history of Kazakhstan became the key subject in my work.


Artistic Eclecticism About Besbarmak

Every artwork, especially a dish of original cuisine, everything should be perfect: taste, aroma, flavour, and the composition... And many things are kept as the secret by a good cook. Among them, one is of the most important: ability to make popular and beloved by all traditional national...


Great Jade Road

Since everyone knows about the Great Silk Road. And someone may even remember the dates of his life. May be those who will tell you about the routes, and that this name was given to it in 1877 by German historian K. Richthofen in his book on China. But before the advent of the Great Silk Road...


Value of Enigma

Why someone has everything, and the other has nothing? What puts this picture above other works of equally talented authors? How is it possible to sell anything for a million? Or at least for a half? Why it is the Chinese Girl, what became the darling of fortune, though this master has quite a...


A descendant of the blue bloods


In late January, we received the terrible news about tragic car accident that resulted in death of Baurzhan Kanatovich Assaubayev. He was one of the most well-known businessmen in the country. This news caused a shock in the society. Not only friends and relatives of Baurzhan and Assaubayev...


EXPO-2017 as Animated Reality

"Energy of the Future" is the motto of EXPO-2017. This is not just new technologies and scientific discoveries. Energy of the future is, of course, energy of people, their positive aspiration and high emotions joined by collective outburst. It is therefore logical that preparations for EXPO-2017...


Medical Cosmetology

Beauty therapy is often considered as a science, art or independent field of medicine. This is all true, and yet, it does not deplete an idea of "modern cosmetology”, which is usually divided into two directions: aesthetic cosmetology and medical cosmetology. Olga Bedratskaya, Doctor &...


La Roof: Hospitality diplomacy

“The art of the cuisine, when fully mastered, is the one human capability of which only good things can be said.” Durrenmatt F.


Altyn Orda

The best beer restaurant of Almaty pleases it’s visitors with the freshest light beer HBH of own manufacture welded on classical Bavarian technology. An amber drink prepare here only from natural raw material from Germany (malt, hop, brewer’s yeast). The menu of the restaurant includes the...


The celestial


Arman Murzagaliev is a real phenomenon. He is beyond all the bounds. Because he doesn’t simply perform on the stage. He breathes and lives his life there. And he lives there with pleasure. Orchestra musicians smile, plugged into this drive of his. He is just the one that Americans and Europeans...


“This gem is good”


Now, a great number of precious and semi-precious stones are mined all over the world, but even at our place few of us know that the rarest and even one-of-a-kind stones are hidden in the interior of Kazakhstan.


Deep into "apple" history

For Almaty citizens apple, "Oporto" sort in particular, is a symbol of homeland. There is no Almaty citizen who would not have own story about Oporto. Or this person is not Almaty citizen. Catherine Pesh, French scientist and the author and director of the film "Apple, from Eden garden to the...


Animation of the silver


Connoisseurs of delicate handmade work paid a tribute to his jewels in the U.S., Europe and Asia. And the master himself does not cease to admire the ancient craft of Kazakhstan jewelers; how could they achieve the precision of proportions and harmony of parts with primitive technology and the...


Flowers of the paradise gardens

Watching the eternal cycle of life - lush spring blossom and rapid fading of beautiful flowers, nomads believed, that only in the gardens of Paradise they bloom forever. The gold tulips, which archaeologists found in Tenlikskiy mound in southeastern Kazakhstan, are more than two thousand years...


Culture precedents


“And then we will be doomed to success" - said my companion, and I immediately wanted to agree with him. Yerulan Kanapyanov, has an experience of the successful realization of the planned, whether it is business or large-scale cultural projects.