Center Smart Tourism

Smart Tourism Center is the only center in the world where the guests are provided with all things, which might be necessary for comfortable stay in the city, saving your time, money and nerves.

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What problems are faced by every second traveller? Allegedly the trifles, but they may greatly complicate the life in a foreign country: expensive roaming and not everywhere available Wi-Fi, and consequently, absence of habitual constant communication with the relatives and friends; unfamiliar territory and linguistic barrier limit access to the new impressions; high guide fees materially lighten your purse and lack of information complicates time planning.

At least those who arrive to Almaty may be sure that they will have a solution of all above listed problems. And this solution is not just simple, but also comprehensive. Here you will be released from the necessity to look for the place, where to buy the local sim-card, connect to roaming and search for Wi-Fi access, buy the city map and phrase-book or dictionary.

Blitz master class from the specialists of the local center, where you will be taught to use all things, which make tourism intelligent and economically efficient, and you will have nothing to do but enjoy walking around the southern capital, make pictures of the places, which impress you most of all and at once submit these pictures to and share your impressions with your relatives and friends.

So, in the Smart Tourism Center you will be offered:

To rent a tablet PC or smartphone

You will get: free high-speed 4G Internet available in any city location; the city map with indicated most interesting sightseeing, which must not be omitted; travel guide, which can help in personal routes planning; calendar of cultural and sports events to be held in the city; round-the-clock hot line, where you may call with any questions (both technical and informational); automatic translator, which instantly resolves any language hack and eliminates misunderstanding when speaking in a shop, hotel or in the street; as well as programs for communication and work.

Individual Excursions

This offer shall really be used if you want to get acquainted with our wonderful city and get the information you can hardly ever find in Internet and which is not just interesting, but also reliable.

You will get the opportunity on your own determine the time of excursion, the route and sightseeing interesting for you and even the cost of excursion.

Use of Cyber-Guide

Indeed, many people today prefer to explore the locality on their own. In Almaty such walks might be as minimum pleasant, but more frequently they become unforgettable. In such case the cyber-guide will become your indispensable fellow-traveller. Cyber-guide is the special software to be installed to your device.

You will get: narration about the city and its sightseeing in the language comfortable for you, moreover if you turn out to be close to some cultural or historical place the cyber-guide will prompt you that something interesting is near, do not pass it by!