Along the banks of shining Ili

By European standards, the main river of Semirechye – Ili is more than respectable. But here, in the gigantic Asia, it is one of many. If we take Tekes as the beginning, the whole length of the Kazakhstan- Chinese-Kazakhstan water-way will be 1500 kilometers.


Gorges of Zailiiski Alatau: Aksay

The river Aksay - about 70 km long – is situated westward of Almaty. It has its rise in the small Aksay glacier and in the plain it falls into another river – Kaskelen. In summer Aksay is quite a big and rapid mountain river, sometimes deeper than 1 m. But its waters hardly ever reach the city...


Big Almaty Lake (BAO)

Big Almaty Lake is located 2,510 m above sea level. It was formed by the moraine (glacial drift) of the large glacier that blocked the gorge in course of the Great Glacial Period.


Taiga, Arctic, and apple orchards in one window

Southern lands of Kazakhstan are a unique geographic margin, a distinct border, separating two orthographic extremes. To the north of the country, up to the very Arctic Ocean, there stretch the greatest plains and lowlands, and to the south, up to the Indian Ocean, there tower the highest...


Yermentau, the kingdom of the dancing birches

Steppes are plains devoid of forests only in primary school books and in foreign tourists’ minds. If you peek at steppes closer, they are not devoid of woods that much. And not so plain. Oases like Borovoye, Zerenda, Karkaralinsk, Bayanaul are just the more famous decorations of our steppes....


The Karagiye Depression, the Earth’s mystery

Впадина Карагие – загадка планеты

Eastward of the Caspian Sea shores, on the Mangyshlak peninsula, there is a unique place being at the fifth position in the top of our planet’s locations that are below sea level. This is the famous Karagiye Depression.


The Nature of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is situated in the very centre of the Eurasian continent and its territory occupies 2,725,000 sq. km, which makes it the ninth biggest country of the world. The country stretches about 3,000 km from the Altay Mountains in the east to the Caspian Sea in the west; and more than 1,500 km...


Steppes in bloom

Only an inexperienced and ignorant person can seriously call the Steppe monotonous and boring. Such a person just probably has never been to the steppe in spring. Because spring in the Steppe is… spring in the Steppe!