The northmost “Prince of spirits” - is Khan Tengri peak

The highest peaks of Tien-Shan are Pobeda Peak (7439 m) and a legendary Khan Tengri (7010 m). The latter wears the title of the north most seven thousander in the world. And it is the title - the greatness of this giant that turns a formal geographical definition into fanfare. The Khan Tengri...


The Landscapes of Mangystau


We were overwhelmed with surprise and admiration when we were making long and numerous visits to the most secluded and hard-to-reach eastern parts of the Caspian Sea region. Impressions that we had when we saw all this made us want to capture this beauty in its absolute purity, which evokes in...


Shagreen leather of Aral

Thanks to the French writer Honore de Balzac, the whole world knows the parable about shagreen leather, which granted wishes, but every time after that decreased in size. It vividly illustrates the fate of the Aral Sea, which has decreased dramatically in size, fulfilling wishes of the people....


The desert outer space of Usturt


There are places in the world, incredible expanse, breathtaking beauty and unexplainable magic of which can be compared to the outer space only. Ustyurt in West Kazakhstan is just such an unexplainable and wonderful outer space on Earth.


Kolsai Lakes Kungei Alatau

Somehow, most Kazakhstani citizens believe that Kungei Alatau is the territory of Kyrgyzstan already, but the border passes exactly between two ridges along Chilik valley. Meanwhile, border on the east side of Talgar is laid exactly along Kungei watershed. And thanks to this, the perfect...


Big Almaty gorge

Main area attractions are Big Almatinka – the Prokhodnaya river, waterfalls Ayusay, Big Almaty Lake and resort Alma-Arasan with the hydrogen-sulphidous-carbonate- siliceous and sodium terms with temperature from 9 to 38 degrees.


Gorges of Trans-Ili Alatau: Kaskelen

Some people associate origin of the name Kaskelen with the name of some Kazakh clan. But in the dictionary of professor Gorbunov, you can find another explanation. Kaskelen – Kaska alan - Bald area. Place-name indicates that here, in the Ile Alatau, abundance of coniferous forests ends and...


Stone mushrooms of Mangyshlak

James Abbot, British spy, was one of the first who described Mangyshlaksk’s balls.... Back in 1840, he was sent out here in order to induce Kazakh - adaevtsev to the Britain side against Russian, but he failed his primary mission. However, Abbott has made a lot of small geographical discoveries...


Winter in Zailiyskyi Alatau


In mountains winter reigns longer than it does at their foot. And at the highest peaks, where bare rocks argue with eternal ice, its vacation is shorter than that of any civil servant in Astana. The sun will just warm up the tops and melt all the winter snow, but here we go again – black clouds...


Charyn Canyon is our answer to America

Looking at the pictures people often mix up our Charyn Canyon with the Great Canyon in America. Indeed, if you do not go into detail - it seems similar. But the charm of nature, in fact, consists of small things, and without going into details, you may as well travel via the Internet.


Serpent Lake at the Jungar Gates

This lake is quite small, everyone who travels by train from Kazakhstan to China via the Druzhba - Alashankou sees that. After Alakol, glaringly blue part of the landscape, passes out of the sight and horizon surrounded by the mountains confirms that the train is pulling into the opening of the...


Sherkala - the lion's fortress

Sherkala means for Mangishlak the same as the Eiffel Tower for Paris or the Statue of Liberty for New York. It is a Symbol and a Landmark.


Alpine crown of Almaty

The route to many alpine peaks, crowning the Almaty scenery, goes through the Small Almaty gorge, nearest to the city, known far beyond the borders of Kazakhstan for its high-altitude skating rink "Medeo".


Charyn for aesthetes

The most popular tourist spot on Charyn is "Valley of the Castles". The most picturesque and original place of the Charyn canyon, because of which exists an obsessive comparison with the Great Canyon on the Colorado River in US. Daring weathered rocks are really resembled the bastions and walls...


Balkhash: the western sea at the east of Kazakhstan

Balkhash for the Chinese, from whom the whole science of geography in our lands began, was “the Western sea” – Si-khai. And on the first European maps it was just “the Sea” – “Tenghiz”. For the Turks, inhabiting steppes, the large basin was just this. But in its today’s name - Balkhash – there...