Deep into "apple" history

For Almaty citizens apple, "Oporto" sort in particular, is a symbol of homeland. There is no Almaty citizen who would not have own story about Oporto. Or this person is not Almaty citizen. Catherine Pesh, French scientist and the author and director of the film "Apple, from Eden garden to the...


Wild foxes... are in Almaty?

Those days, when some foreigners have sincerely believed that on the Almaty streets you can easily meet a camel, are gone. The southern capital of Kazakhstan is getting known in the world as beautiful and modern city. But no one could ever think of the fact that in the center of a one and half -...


Spring lilac mist

Almaty guests, who come here in the spring, have a strong impression from the abundance of varied fragrant lilac bushes that grow along the streets and in the parks. Since mid-April, the city is literally drowning in balmy lilac mist.