Apple's Souls

I recently visited Polish city of Lodz, and attended the exhibition opening, the only subject of which was an apple. In Polish it is "jablko". In German it is "apfel". In English it is “apple”. In Frenchit is “pomme”. In Italian it is "melo". in Kazakh it is "alma".


Through Thorns to Stars

Land of Kazakhstan is generous for talents: in August 2014, our compatriot, Alvina Akhmetkazy won the prestigious 2nd place at the International Festival - Competition of Inclusive Arts for Children and Youth Under the Wings of Orion, held in Kobrin town, Belarus.


The Beatles on Koktobe

A grand opening of “The Beatles Bench” sculptural composition took place on Koktobe the highest top of Almaty in May the 15th 2007. This is the first Sculpture in the world with all the members of Fab Four full length.


Monologues of women’s souls

On March, 5 the ARTiSHOCK theatre showed an unusual play under the title Vagina Monologues. Such a provocative title was slightly frightening – they can show anything! There were few of us, “scared” like this, who gathered in the cozy foyer – about thirty people. Yet, the small underground...


Serik Buksikov’s Dream and wings

January 17 to 25 Dream and wings, an exhibition of art affirmations by the trendy artist of Almaty Serik Buksikov took place in ESENTAI MALL, the shopping and leisure center in Almaty.