Belly Dance in English Style

What is common between the Oriental "belly dance" and Comparative Linguistics? Relationship seems to be the direct one. Three years ago, the children's dance group Lyabeik from Karaganda became the winner of Kazakhstan’s Open Championship on Belly dance "Pearl of the Orient". They won in three...


Moscow noticed young Kazakhstanis

June, 5, in the capital of Russia Moscow Meets Friends festival came to its end. In this largest-scale project of the Vladimir Spivakov’s International Charitable Foundation talented kids from Kazakhstan took their part, too.


“Happy is that house where sounds of violin show us the way…”

Ruslan Turuntayev, the 15-yeared violinist from Astana, is famous not in Kazakhstan only, but abroad, too. The world beau mond of music began speaking about him for the first time a few years ago.


Thumbelina of the Kazakh circus

"What a lovely flower! - said the woman and kissed beautiful variegated petals. At the same moment, something clicked at the heart of the flower and it has opened. It was, in fact, a large tulip, but a real girl sat in there. She was very little, only an inch- tall and very pretty. Therefore,...


Gold hole

Young golfer from Almaty won first place in the prestigious junior tournament that was held on March 22-23, 2014 in Clearwater (Florida, USA). 14-year-old Daulet Tuleubaev showed the best result, he gained 145 points.