The source of my inspiration is happy people

Goorgen Bassentsyan is the most successful restaurateur in Astana and the ideological leader of “Good project”. “Just the moments I see that my work makes people happy, a great number of new ideas and plans occurs to me”, he says. Isn’t it really a powerful motivation for doing?

Many of us have ‘a full-dress portrait’ and photos only for personal use. And the same thing is with our essence: celebrities have these two images, internal and external, often standing too far from each other. And only the most daring, or should I say, harmonious people don’t waste their time on the double-standard life and direct their energy totally for creativity. On the assumption of so many ideas that Goorgen Bassentsyan accomplished, he just has no time left for double standards. But as for business audacity and drive, he has them enough to sink a battleship.

Interviewing Person: What do you regard as an extremely disastrous state?

Goorgen Bassentsyan: For me this notion has nothing to do with the financial distress. I used to live in different countries and to be in different financial states, so I know pretty well: one can be an individuality earning five dollar per hour. A person must be wealthy spiritually; but if he has plenty of money and is empty ‘inside’, then he is just in this ‘extremely disastrous state’.

IP: What human mistakes do you think worthy of the biggest condescension?

GB: Any of them. We all make mistakes; this is the part of our lives. Only he who does nothing at all is fail-safe.

IP: What human virtues are the most attractive ones for you?

GB: The essential one is to respect one another. The ability to show respect towards the other person no matter how he treats you is a really powerful trait of character.

IP: What is inspiration for you?

GB: My source of inspiration is when everyone around is happy. Just the moments I see that my work makes people happy, a great number of new ideas and plans occurs to me.

IP: Is it worth it to hide your bad thoughts, negative information, or doldrums from people?

GB: It must depend on what kind of people are beside you. But I am a very open-breasted person: I always speak my mind and I can’t hide my mood. Usually people understand right away what is on my mind.

IP: What is the word that best describes you, in your opinion?

GB: Workaholic.

IP: The trait of your character you are proud of?

GB: Insistency. Just this feature helps me to accomplish new goals every time.  

IP: Your dream of happiness?

GB: My parents’ health and opportunity to see them more often. We are young while our parents are with us, and I wish to be young as long as possible.

IP: The fact or event worthy, to your mind, of the biggest admiration?  

GB: There are many of such facts and events. Recently we’ve celebrated the anniversary of our capital; this has been a real mega-event in the life of our country. The colossal development that the city has gone through in these 15 years is also worthy of admiration, and the way Kazakhstan is represented before the global community.

IP: Capability that you would like to possess?

GB: To keep awake. I do not divide my day into working and personal hours, and this capability would make my life considerably easier.  

IP: If the devil offered you immortality, would you accept it?

GB: No. No way. I would never want to see my family and friends grow old and die.

IP: What do you loath?

GB: Lies, hypocrisy, malice… I can call it one common word: ill breeding. Because upbringing is not only the social etiquette, but moral principles as well. So, I loathe people devoid of any principles and ethical standards.

IP: What can’t you refuse of?

GB: Have I already mentioned that I am a workaholic? So, I can’t refuse of work.

IP: Name one thing that you really want to possess. And say why.

GB: House. I mean not just a construction, but a place where I can bring my parents and friends to, and where both I and my nearest and dearest will feel comfortable. So far, my mode of life keeps me out of this.  

IP: You think that people shouldn’t have invented…

GB: Weapons and drugs.

IP: What smell evokes peculiar memories in you?

GB: The smell of the sea. I grew up at the seaside, and the salty smell of the sea always brings me back to my childhood. I surely miss it in Kazakhstan.

IP: What is your childhood’s dream?

GB: To grow up and make my parents proud of me. It still matters very much to me now.

IP: A person that had the biggest influence on you is…?

GB: It is the war that had the biggest influence on me. I was born in Georgia, and during the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict our family lost everything. My insistency, wish to work and accomplish something in my life, all this is probably a result of it. If not for the war, I would probably never become the person I am now.

IP: What fictitious character is close to you most of all?

GB: The principal character of the novel «Духless». His dynamic style of life, his wish to always go forward and to gain something more, his ability to make quick decisions and to be quick on the draw: all this is close to me. I won’t design if I can refuse of it all like Minaev’s character did. On the other hand, when in 1999 I arrived in Moscow, I pledged my word that I would never leave this city. But today I am in Astana, and I don’t regret it in any way.  

IP: The craziest thing you ever did?

GB: I nearly smashed up while driving at great speed because of love.  

IP: What was the best praise (or compliment) of you that you ever heard?

GB: I am paid many compliments concerning my work. It’s certainly very pleasant, but better than any compliments are my parents’ words about the fact that I made just the man they’d expected me to see.  

IP: If you could choose the place of your birth, what would you choose?

GB: I wouldn’t choose some exact city. Being aware of what is going on now on Earth, I would like to be born in a country without wars, drugs, and lies, under the peaceful skies.

IP: What traits of character do you value most of all in men?

GB: Willpower, insistency, ability to handle matters. And I also esteem their respect towards women. I mean the attitude not only towards one’s wife, sister, or mother, but towards the whole womanhood. Unfortunately, so few men have this quality.

IP: And in women?

GB: Intelligence first of all. Because all the rest merits like loyalty, devotion, parental feelings, and respect for elders are the consequence of smartness. Of course, I am able to estimate both the beauty and sense of style, but these are also typical for smart women.

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