A man from the world of music

Sherniyaz Mussakhan is a young violinist; his name is a buzz word in the world of the most demanding experts in music and high art connoisseurs.

Every new talent born in our country unwillingly makes us proud. Because talented people are the special gift of human nature. 

Our gifted fellow citizen is hardly twenty, but he had already taken part in big concert programs held in Austria, Belorussia, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Russia, including the stages of the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia, Mariinsky Theatre, and Moscow World Music Centre. In his nine years of age Sherniyaz won Grand Prix in the Republic Competition of Young Musicians. Later, he became the laureate of the 1st Moscow International Contest of Violinists named after D. Oistrakh. And after his victory in the International Contest of Young Violinists named after H. Wieniawski he gained the status of the invited soloist of the Polish Philharmonic Orchestra.

Information note

The Contest of Young Violinists named after H. Wieniawski is held once in three years, and at different times such globally known performing musicians as Vadim Repin, Maksim Vengerov and others became laureates of it. Now, they are A-list stars in the world of music. It seems practically impossible to win this music contest, so high is the level of its criteria. Thus, the jury of the 11th International Contest in Lublin was represented by 16 famous music professionals, professors from various countries of the world. The president of the jury was an outstanding musician and teacher Zakhar Bron, professor of Cologne, Zurich, and Madrid conservatoires.  

These are great facilities for the career in music and development of the musician’s performing talent, but for us, compatriots, they are fraught with the fact that we’ll hear his virtuoso performance in our concert halls few and far between. By the way, for the first time in the history of the International Contests of Young Violinists named after H. Wieniawski (and this is the most prestigious international contest among young violin players) the laureate rank received the representative of Kazakhstan. It is the brilliant school, hard working, a few wins in other serious contests and of course, the love for his violin that helped Sherniyaz to become the winner. And with this instrument, by the way, soon after Sherniyaz Mussakhan became the Vladimir Spivakov scholar, the maitre presented him personally.

More than this, at the contest our young compatriot received the diploma for the bright expression and high masterly performance. They speak about Sherniyaz’s performing manner as confident, delicate, and poetical. There is no doubt that having started so high, Sherniyaz will fill the spiritual space of the world with new wonderful sounds.

Thanks to the reference of Vladimir Spivakov, the young boy began studying in the Central Music School under Moscow P. Tchaikovsky Conservatoire, which Sherniyaz himself speak about that “only talented children study there”. And a year before his graduation the young Kazakhstani musician was invited to the four European higher education institutions at a time. Now, Sherniyaz goes on studying   in Conservatoire de Lausanne and Florentine High School of Music in Professor P. Vernikov’s class. Recently he performed in Antwerp, Namur, and Rotterdam with big success.

But, it is fair to say that Sherniyaz’s especial aptitude was revealed and supported by his teachers in the specialized music school named after K. Baysseitova, when he was only five. Now audiences all over the world are glad to have him, but Sherniyaz is quite explicit about the fact that he loves to play concerts in Kazakhstan where he is waited for by his family and friends and all those who believes in his talent. And it is clear that in his Motherland it is not only violin music devotees and friends that rejoice at his success, but also his first tutors: Sofia Borissovna Zaturinskaya and Nina Mikhailovna Patrusheva. And the creative career of this talented violin player is always supported by the Eurasian Culture Foundation.

Sherniyaz Mussakhan is becoming a person from the world of music, which has no limits. However, real talents are always this way. It is not without reason that such people possess this special blessed energy, so that they could share it with the whole mankind.

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