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Andre Verrone is the head of the VIP First Class Corporation. The fact that it is long way to go to get from US to Kazakhstan did not stop him. To offer the challenge and build contacts between successful people is the key to his business and purpose of his life.

Amazingly frank, good-minded and vigorous, he willingly shares his impressions despite the exhausting flight from Los-Angeles. In his first visit all his impressions are positive. And this despite the fact that according to the law – you know which one – he had to land in Aktau first. And just within one day in Almaty The best in Kazakhstan conference should have been open, initiated by his company’s branch.

Interviewing Person: Andre, what are your impressions of Aktau?

Andre Verrone: Oh, great. I was very well received there, shown wonderful places; they arranged the horse riding for me and served such delicious national meals; unfortunately, I can’t remember their titles. And later on, I looked from the plane down on the vast territory of your country and saw what wonderful opportunities you have for development. And tourism will facilitate this.

IP: You act in the best interest of members of your one-class club. And what interest can well-off people all over the world have in Kazakhstan?

AV: Well, for instance, individual tours to Baikonur. People already have this interest today, and when the appropriate conditions and infrastructure are ready, then money of many rich people may be sent to Kazakhstan. If the proper strategy is built, these cash flows can change many things for the better. I was seriously interested in things with which Kazakhstan may surprise those who have already seen much, and I am sure that even such people won’t be disappointed. Your country is amazingly rich in all kinds of resources including your unique nature, history, and culture. In my opinion, you don’t completely realize yet how rich you are.

IP: But, as far as I know, your interests are limited by the sphere of luxe?       

AV: I would say, they are based on the requirements of luxe-class offers. Yes, our VIP First Class club members have a very high level of claims. And we must offer them those in every corner of the world. It means that everything should be organized in such a way that all this may appear. New high-grade hotels and restaurants, meetings and escort arranged properly, events of very high level should be held, elite kinds of pastime begin to develop, and many other things. In its turn it will give many people possibilities for employment. Luxe sphere shouldn’t be underestimated!  

IP: And what can it give to successful Kazakhstanis?

AV:  First of all, the opportunity to establish personal links with the world elite. Today, there are more than 35,000 VIP clients among our club members. If you get on the inside of these famous people, you will get the opportunity both to develop your business more successfully and to get access to the high-status and closed events in different parts of the world. For more detailed information on our corporation’s activity go to our website. But I came to Kazakhstan just to meet those who are interested in that your country should hospitably open its doors for the rich and energetic people of the world. And I can see already that you have many of such ardent people. We can do much together. I have great plans.

IP: Looking at you it is easy to come to the conclusion that your club members become your close acquaintances…

AV:  Not just acquaintances, but friends as well. There are many people with well-known names among them, and I am happy to do much good for them. Because if you socialize with people close to you as to interests and level of their claims, it promotes the business development as well. You must have paid attention to the fact that our website ‘speaks’ eight languages. So, we help to find common ground in different directions to a great number of successful persons. And I hope that Kazakhstanis will also enter the circle of the VIP First club privileged members. Anyway, I have already found friends here.

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