Is it possible to weave a whole world?

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Gulshat Dzhuraeva is an artist, master of tapestry and felt, creates and cherishes her worlds of felt and woolen yarns.

Her workshop is huddled somewhere under the roof of the House of Almaty artists on Vesnovka. But in this small space, the whole universe opens suddenly where prevail: World tree, soul - birds, mountains - camels, deer of Scythians, heavenly girls, guessing animals in the interweaving lines, unseen flowers, fabulous kingdoms and unknown countries covered with century-old dust.

Any artist starts at creating him/herself, then the surrounding microcosm limited with the size of workshop or apartment, and after the whole universe. She connects interweaving of primitive nature, rough modernism and emotional tenderness. It unites within her - the creator and the keeper of these unique woven and fulled woolen worlds.

Earth has existed and evolved for thousands of years by the laws of men. Perhaps that is why some of the terms exist traditionally only in the masculine gender, "artist", and if the "woman artist"? Then vocabulary experts begin to wrinkle their noses immediately. But let scientists remain unconvinced, I still will be talking about the women artists! Because between "artist" and "woman artist" is an abyss; deeper than just between a man and a woman.

Gulshat is embodied illustration of this thesis. She changes her image, clothes, experiments with makeup and hair very often, so only because of this, we can safely enroll her in the woman artist. These permanent transformations are not only external. Even her workshop, where a huge loom takes most of the room and everywhere scattered picturesquely locks of treads, clews, hanks and bobbins of wool, resembles the insides titanic handloom, where woven is much more than other tapestry. Creative act truly resonates with the process of Creation in such a laborious and slow process as weaving.

Wool as a material is an evidence of humaneness. After all, people's use of shorn wool is not the same as the manufacture of clothing from fell. That is why this humane material keeps warmth and animal’s gratitude. Working with wool, it is like working with the warmth. Felt artist creates images out of the primeval warmth. Artist is some kind of natural mediator between nature and culture.

What Gulshat makes with this "humane material" is a separate issue. She makes felt thin as a silk, then models unimaginable shapes from it, creating stylish jewelry, clothing, connecting what seems to be incompatible (wool with some synthetics); she seems to challenge the material nature. Sometimes it is perceived as a challenge. So what? The true woman - artist is free to do what she wants!

Many modern "artists", accustomed to premature one-day masterpieces, do not understand how it is possible to create one product for over six months. Indeed, you need to have not only the nature of the artist, but the nature and weaver as well. And it is not given to many.

When Gulshat sits at the loom or spreads soft tufts of wool, life ends around, time slows down and stops. World compresses miraculously and fit entirely into her being. And it shows from there as a magical images, focuses on the fingertips and realizes material. The true creation is born like this. What brings unspeakable pleasure to her and exciting joy to the viewer.

Every artist has its own source of inspiration and his own path. What is inspiring and leading Gulshat Dzhuraeva? Purity and Beauty of Nature, what is like a cornucopia, whence unspeakable crafts pour? Or she finds her inspiration in depth and mystery of the culture where any natural images filled with clear and exciting content? Or maybe the warmth and softness of the material, in which full of content images take on a unique realization? God knows!

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