A descendant of the blue bloods

Baurzhan Asaubaev - shareholder and president of the Management Company LLP «Aglocore». He was one of the most well-known businessmen in the country. He was a real man: open, friendly and positive.

In late January, we received the terrible news about tragic car accident that resulted in death of Baurzhan Kanatovich Assaubayev. He was one of the most well-known businessmen in the country. This news caused a shock in the society. Not only friends and relatives of Baurzhan and Assaubayev family responded to the tragedy; multiple condolences were sent from all over the world. It was not just because he was a successful and influential man – he was a real man: open, friendly and positive. No wonder that Fariza Ungarsynova, the well-known writer and public figure, back then devoted an entire chapter of her book "The Winding Path of Business". She wrote about Baurzhan with great warmth and love. The below chapter is a tribute to the memory of Baurzhan Assaubayev.

Grandfather's Son

The Kazakh people, like other peoples over the world, have many unique traditions. They are not written anywhere as a set of customary laws. History proves that the unwritten rules live longer, because they are printed at the back of one’s mind. They cannot be amended like at the meetings of Parliament.

Kazakh parents take a first-born of their eldest son and raise him, lavish attention on him, affectionately call him "our youngest one".

Bauyrzhan, the first-born of Kanat and Marussya, also grew up as a son of grandfather Shaykhan. Kanat worked, Marussya studied, and that is why Bauyrzhan was raised and brought up by his grandparents from his early childhood. When Marussya graduated, the parents could take the son back home. Since then, Bauyrzhan lived in the city with his parents. But he missed the grandfather, and he liked going to the village (aul). 

He was very happy when his grandpa visited him, and the boy was ready to take him round all the beautiful places in Almaty. Indeed, from a young age he was a sensitive and compassionate boy, close to his parents, and he loved the younger brothers and other relatives. He showed his attachment to his home – he always tried to help his mother. He always welcomed friends of his parents with joy, when they were visiting their home.

Today the children, grown up in the city, do not like when friends or relatives of their parents visit them, trying to isolate themselves from the visitors, shy away from them like the strangers. It should seem that Kazakh people forget their ancient traditions, when they were teaching the children to welcome all guests with open arms and to honour them.

Quite early Bauyrzhan started helping Kanat and Marussya; they perceived him not as a son, but as a younger brother. Maybe the reason for this is that he has seen persistent poverty, difficult life of the early years. When he has grown up, he retained his strengths. He turned to a handsome and generous man.

Once again, Baurzhan was the first, who made Kanat and Marussya to be parents of the married couple, by making a proposal to Zhanar, who became their daughter and who fulfilled the dream of Baurzhan’s mother.

Zhanar appeared in the family of Kanat and Marussya and brought a ray of warmth and sunlight; she was always cheerful and open to other people. Soon the young marrieds delighted Kanat and Marussya, giving them a grandson Yelzhan, and then they arranged a shildekhana-toi (celebration of the child’s birth). After Yelzhan, two beautiful girls came into the world one after another. Marussya’s loving grandmother Rabiga, who brought up Kanat, as her own mother, said:

- In honour of the great-grandmother, the first girl born into Kanat’s family will be named Rabiga, and she whispered this name in the baby's ear. A year after Rabiga, Sabina was born, the father's beloved daughter.

Unity and understanding that reign in the family of Kanat and Marussya are quite rare in the modern world. The younger brother-in-law Sanzhar loves and respects his sister-in-law Zhanar, as his own sister.Yelzhan, the eldest son of Bauyrzhan and Zhanar, is close to the wife of his eldest uncle Aidar. Aruzhan, the eldest daughter of Aidar and Lyazzat, loves Zhanar so much that she even calls her "Mummy Zhanar."

All this is achieved due to the established principles of education and tireless care of Marussya, who tries to unite not only the children of Kanat, but the entire family as well, in order that they do not come apart like stones, but grow up thoughtful to each other, taking care of the loved ones.

A folk wisdom says: "Both speckled and spotted can be born from one mother" that refers to many things. How many relatives from one father and one mother were leaded by the sin of envy and severed their relationships believing that one of them was richer than him, and another had more property?!

Unity of the country is rooted in unity of each family. The unity of the country is the basis for stability, strength of the nation. If the nation is a cohesive, holistic organism, than it will live for long.

After Kazakhaltyn Concern came in the London Stock Exchange, Kanat Assaubaev, President of Concern was elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Private Financial Fund Kazakhgold. He is the first Kazakh citizen in the history of the global finances.

After that, Bauyrzhan Kanatovich Assaubaev, Candidate of Technical Sciences, was elected as the President of Kazahaltyn, paving a way to the unknown world of business before his father. This is also a natural phenomenon. Since his childhood, he was accustomed to be a parents’ right-hand, using tremendous efforts to bring Kazakh gold on the world stage, Bauyrzhan Kanatovich deservedly took the place of his father and continued his work as a skilled professional and as a good organizer. Isn't this the fulfilment of parents’ desire?!...

From Fariza Ungarsynova's book Winding Path of Business 

Assaubayev Baurzhan Kanatovich

Years of life: December 6, 1970 – January 20, 2015

In 1993, he graduated from the Kazakh National Technical University named after K. Satpayev with degree in programmer engineering.

1993 - Research assistant, graduate student of the Department of Computer Science of the KazNTU named after K. Satpayev.

Author of 8 scientific works in mathematical models of bilinear singular stochastic and determinate systems; delivered reports at the international conferences. He worked under European Research Programme Tempus Tacis with Italian scientists from Carlo Bruni school.

Candidate of Engineering Sciences (1996).

1996 – Director of several business structures. Askam Corporation.

2000 – First Vice President of JSC Kazakhaltyn. Introduced the new recording systems, communications, information technology, modernization of the mineral separation plants.

In December, 2005, JSC Kazakhaltyn entered the London Stock Exchange as a part of Kazakhgold. As a member of Kazakhgold’s Board of Directors, he made a worthy contribution to the development of this international company by attracting new investors for the foreign projects and purchasing new deposits in the foreign countries.

From 2008 to May 2009 – President of JSC Kazakhaltyn.

From August 2009 till 2014 – Shareholder of the multiproduct holding AltynGroup Kazakhstan.

Since 2014, he was Shareholder and the President of the Management Company Aglocore LLC.


Since 2014, he was Shareholder and the President of the Management Company 

Aglocore LLC.

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