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Yerulan Kanapyanov is a President of the Foreign Economic Association for the business and cultural cooperation "Kazakhstan - Australia", the President of the Eurasia Foundation of Culture, General Director of the International Festival "Prize of the traditions", composer, co-author with Nasser Kulsariev of the rock opera - ballet "Takyr". This listing can be continued. But in this case, the matter is certainly not about quantity, but about result.

“And then we will be doomed to success" - said my companion, and I immediately wanted to agree with him. Yerulan Kanapyanov, has an experience of the successful realization of the planned, whether it is business or large-scale cultural projects.

A "secret" recipe for success of the Yerulan Musahanovich Kanapyanov is: "the more people will be around to do something good, the better will be atmosphere around. And then we are doomed to success."

- Yerulan, each of your project becomes reputed for our country, allows to more people to discover the culture, art and traditions of Kazakhstan. Let us remember how it all began - your very first ballet festival "Prize of the traditions".

- For our events, we always try to invite eminent and famous people. We decided to invite the great ballerina Galina Ulanova at the opening of the first ballet festival in 1995. We went to Moscow, she invited us to her home. And you know what she told us? "I want to come to your festival for two reasons: first - I like the name "Prize of the traditions" and I have always been for the careful preservation of the traditions in art. And the second - I have not had the opportunity to say “thank you” to the people who sheltered us during the Great Patriotic War yet". Did you know that Ulanova received the title “National Artist of Kazakhstan”, in 1944? The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan awarded Galina Ulanova by the order "Parasat" during the first Festival.

Let me remind that Maya Plisetskaya, Natalia Bessmertnova, Yuri Grigorovich, Vladimir Vasiliev, Ekaterina Maximova, Altynay Asylmuratova, the troupe "San Francisco Ballet" Imperial Russian Ballet and others visited us.

- It is impossible not to mention another successful project of yours - the series "Musical Bridges". And the idea is brilliant.

- We have already held three such series. And I must say that the concerts were always played to the full houses; Almaty, thank God, is not poor for music lovers. The idea is simple: for series “Kazakhstan - United States of America" we invite conductors, vocal performers, musicians from the two countries, and the mixed orchestra performs music of our two countries. This is unique experience of the rapprochement of Cultures. Music does not require translation, its language can say more than words sometimes.

- Almost all events of the Eurasia Foundation of Culture are called international. I am sure it is not about ambition. Then what?

- Culture pants if locked in some boundaries. Interpenetration, mutual enrichment, openness are indispensable to culture. Our foundation is called Eurasian because it is a huge spiritual world; we have something to share and to show. We would like to see scope in our events and that creativity of the great people was recognizable to everyone, regardless of country. Therefore, we were not cunning using the word "international". For example project "Meet the legend", unforgettable meetings occurred, the residents of Almaty met Andrei Voznesensky, Yuval Waldmann, Bella Akhmadulina, David Tukhmanov...

- Yerulan, you have many international awards, including national. It is clear that in this case we are talking about a significant contribution to the cultural cooperation and work in other countries. I heard that one of awards is Mongol Genghis Khan Medal, is it true?

- Yes, and I was elected as an Academician of the World Academy of Genghis Khan and got a diploma. We had a few interesting events in Mongolia. I generally have warm relations with the President of this country; he is a man with wide range of interests, high culture, and a connoisseur of the Russian Language (he studied in Moscow). In addition, since the olden times ethnic Kazakhs live in Bayan Ulgeysky aimak on west part of the country. Our foundation has helped to make a film about their traditions. I do have awards of Kazakhstan, Germany, Russia, Poland and other states.

- Does it warm your soul?

- It pushes for more. If someone noted than effort spent well. For example, we support the only competition in the world of blind musicians in Poland; whether it is necessary to talk about the uniqueness of this event? The competition occurs regularly, and this is the main component. We got an award... -good, no award - we will still going to do what we think is needed. In Russia exists Votkinsk city, it is known only by the fact that there was born Petr Tchaikovsky. For three years we have supported the festival of the young musicians "In the homeland of Tchaikovsky", and believe me, to see the efforts of the children who come to Udmurtia from all around the world, it is incomparable pleasure.

We also have another important project, a series of books "Returned names". The first book was dedicated to Abikey Satpayev. Everyone knows the name of the first Kazakh academician, scientist with international name, President of the Academy of Sciences Kanysh Satpayev. Abikey was an encyclopedic man, head of one of the two secondary schools in Kazakhstan, but was arrested and shot in 1938, these people have to be known and remembered.

- When you have time for music, creativity?

- Of course, in the day is only 24 hours, and it is a bit annoying. But I try to keep up, although I take creativity very seriously. I write music in different genres, and I believe that music is either good or none. I am proud that my songs are sing by our best singers from Bibigul Tulegenova to Vanya Breusov. You know, if I faced a dilemma: to choose between art and business, I would chose art, without hesitation. Hear the music, that was created by myself, from the stage is a great pleasure.

- Impulsivity of creativity and work in business are not very compatible. But in your case one supports another . How do you manage it?

- My life philosophy is: if your parents gave you head and hands, and natural abilities, you have to fulfill everything that was laid down in you. All my works only complement each other. A Eurasian Cultural Foundation is funded by our business structures.

- Your business seems to be the opposite of the music, completely earthy: geological exploration, mineral resources ... But on the other hand, the image begs: You open the secrets of the Earth’s interior of Kazakhstan and with your cultural projects - the bowels of the soul. It turns out quite harmonious.

- I have not thought about it. With associates we created external-economic association "Kazakhstan - Australia" in 1991, and later I insisted that it would called Foreign Economic Association for the business and cultural cooperation. By education I am a musical ethnographer, but today, fifteen years later, I can speak on almost equal terms with geologists on professional issues. It was the same with the English language, which is fluent now, but I mastered along the way.

All our partners that we worked with, Australians, Europeans, and from the Arab world - there is no one, who had not admired acquaintance with our country: nature and history, beauty of our women, education of our people and the professionalism of our specialists.

Also, I would like to add that one person, no matter how many-sided and energetic is, will not achieve anything. You should have people around, who you can trust, who will support you and with whom you can share joys and failures. I have such close people.

- Tell us about your collaboration with the group "A'Kapella Express" and the “Universal” studio. Is it a precedent for Kazakhstan?

- I have creative collaboration with many bands and musicians, including Alexei Kozlov, the world famous jazz performer, and the legendary band "Arsenal". They performed and recorded a few of my musical pieces. As for the vocal jazz group "A'Kapella Express", it is the best vocal group in Europe; they perform some of my works. The famous brand «Universal», one of the five major record companies, released the album of this group «Middle of the river» with my work; I wrote music on the words of the American poet Longfellow. This disc sells successfully worldwide. This, of course, brings me real satisfaction. Music does not require translation, its language can say more than words.

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