Youth of the Capital

Date of event: 
Wednesday, 10. December 2014

Astana celebrated its 17-anniversary of the formal transfer of capital on December 10.

During those 17 years, the city improved greatly: from its architecture to the indicators of social and economic development. The businesses, construction, services, trade and transport industry are dynamically developing in the capital.

So, according to the Department of Statistics of Astana, in 1998 the number of residential buildings was around 139.5 thousand square meters, and nowadays this indicator (according to the Department of Economy and Budget Planning) is 903.599 sq m.

During this period the industrial enterprises appeared in the city, contributing to the industrial production growth. The volume of industrial production amounted to 20160.1 mln KZT in 1998 , and according to the results of the last year, the industrial output in current prices amounted already to 276.2 bln KZT.

The social infrastructure is also being developed: construction of new schools and kindergartens, municipal system is undergoing the modernization, the function of transport sphere undergoes the positive changes. 

If in 1998 only 48 kindergartens and 47 schools were open in Astana, in October 2014 Astana already have 148 nurseries and 25 mini-centers, as well as 88 schools.

Astana is the embodiment of the new aspirations of Kazakhstan. In the nearest plans of the capital city is joining top 50 smart cities of the world, ensuring the sustainable economic growth of the capital and improving the quality of the human capital.

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