Toi Kazan 2014 - a taste of gastronomic traditions

Date of event: 
Saturday, 11. October 2014

On October 11, 2014, Alatau Ski and Biathlon Complex, located in the Soldat Gorge, Talgar district, will host the second Festival of National Cuisine and Traditions of the Peoples of Kazakhstan-Toi Kazan (“cauldron for the big festivities”).

The principal tasks of the Festival include the demonstration of various culinary traditions of the people, living in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, forming the philosophy of the national community through the main symbol of the Festival - a festive kazan (the cauldron) and creating a platform for exchange of culinary experience among the Festival visitors.

“Toi Kazan means a cauldron for the big festivities, which unites the people of Kazakhstan. It is a platform where we have a possibility to share ideas, to create new national products and to promote our cuisine. This Festival gives one more opportunity to show our rich and diverse traditions to the citizens of megalopolis and foreign visitors. It is very important to position the specificity and the uniqueness of our country, as an economic and spiritual patriotism, which get very important in the context of globalization and cultural unification," – said Beknur Kissikov, the Event Organizer and President of Eurasian Association of Franchising and Licensing, acting with the support of Akimat of Almaty region and the Ministry of Industry and New technologies of Kazakhstan.

This year the Festival visitors could take part in the culinary flash mob. The organizers also proposed the guests to come, wearing the ethnic dress and to get a prize for that. The Festival will continue a tradition of the ancient times, with big celebrations, p[laying dice, tug-of-war and other games. In the territory of the Festival, the guests will visit the modern Kazakh village, where the craftsmen will have the workshops, as well as to get acquainted with the methodology of immersion and study of Kazakh language from Ulytau language project. 

"Today the notion of Kazakhstan national cuisine is not limited only by the cuisine of a single ethnic group. All is mixed at our dastarkhan. In every household of our country the favourite dishes include Kazakh beshparmak with Kazi and Zhaya, Ukrainian Borsch and Russian Pelmeni, Korean Cooksey, Rice Noodles and Uighur lamian, Turkish Kebabs and many other dishes. The main idea of Toi Kazan Festival is understanding our virtues and advantages through variety of our cuisine. Our unique mentality, resulting from the mix of traditions, cuisines and cultures”,– commented Yerlan Stambekov, Director of Paryz Charity Fund and Organizer of the Festival.

The Organizers of the Festival include the Eurasian Association of Franchising and Licensing with the support of Akimat of Almaty region and the Ministry of Industry and New technologies of Kazakhstan, as well as Paryz Charity Fund. Virazh company became the general sponsor of the FestivalToi Kazan 2014. Sponsor of modern Kazakh village was Alma University.

Festival of National Cuisine and Traditions of the Peoples of Kazakhstan-Toi Kazan was held for the first time in 2013. Initially Beknur Kissikov conceived it as a small beshparmak party for his friends, but eventually, it turned to a grand festival, since actually Beknur has many friends and associates in Facebook and in real life.

You have a chance to see how wonderful Toi Kazan-2013 was by seeing the pictures. However, it’s so much better to join the Festival this year to witness the event by yourself, to enjoy the cuisine of the people of Kazakhstan from the best restaurants of Almaty and to have a chat with the friends during the greatest feast in the country.

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