Swollen Jellyfish and Photoroad of Life

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Friday, 27. February 2015 to Wednesday, 4. March 2015

The SPACE Gallery hosted the first solo photoexhibition “Photography is the way of life” of the young and talented photo-countess Tomiris Nabieva from February 27 to March 4. 

Certainly, 5 of 10 persons, following the exhibition of 40 photos, never would have guessed that so mature and deep-drawn photos were made by a girl-teenager, which at the time of the exhibition is only 16 years old. Of course, then the audience get to know about it, the audience will agree that the range of colours and positive dynamics of a number of stories is artistic ideology of nature passes in the wonderful season of early flowering. It should be mentioned the name of some photos, for example, «chicken run»...

It can be said that in the experience of the photographer for the Tomiris has played a big role that she travelled a lot from an early age with her mother and went to countries such as India, the United States, Thailand, Montenegro, France, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Georgia. After all, shoot at the camera a completely different lifestyle, different culture and different people from all over the world are always fun and exciting. 

фотограф Томирис Набиева

And the results were not long in coming: in October 2009 when Tomiris was 10-year-old, she took part in the Festival «Kazakhstan Fashion Week» (KFW) and won the first place. And in November of the same year was a trip to the «Kinotavrik» – international children's Arts and Sport Festival in the city of Sochi, where she won the Grand Prix.

From the first picture to jellyfish and exhibition

– When you made your first picture? – it was very interesting to ask such a question to Tomiris.

– I don't even remember when I did my first shot, – balked Tomiris. - But I'm sure it could be any family picture I made in 6-7 years of age. And my real shot that I like even now I made in 13, when I was in Europe with my mother. It was a picture of jellyfishes in a Zoo. I love the jellyfishes, they got me reeling, and the picture is fascinating, though it has its shortcomings.

– Tomiris, in what class do you study? What subjects do you like?

– I am a student of 10 class of the International College of Continuous Education. Concerning subjects I like Literature, I like to read and discuss books, because, after listening to different points of view, you look at a work of very different eyes.

– When you realized that photography has become your passion? Who is your creative inspiration?

– Two years ago, I realized that the photography is mine, I like it. My father gifted me my only and favourite camera on my 12th birthday, and then for a whole year I forgot about its existence. At one moment something pushed me to take the camera and never let out of hands.

Of course, learning the basics of photography and use of the camera often tedious and irritating by its ineffectiveness, sometime I left the camera for some periods. But the desire to photograph always won, and again I was returning to my attempts. My creative mastermind – is my surrounding world and all of its contents. I am inspired by life and its times.

фотограф Томирис Набиева

– For what purpose are you organized your exhibition?

– My photo exhibition was organized in order to achieve something in this area. That is, initially, it was designed as an indicator of the result of my efforts. Without this exhibition all my work would be in nowhere. In any endeavors should be a similar purpose, that it was the result of, for example, if you started playing guitar, put to itself the purpose and time – to play at a concert in the school/club in half a year. Only then you will achieve the desired result for the right time and you can say to yourself, «Yes, there is something to strive for, and what I wanted to, I have achieved.»

Otherwise you can walk endlessly to courses without results. And of course, pictures or paintings always should be exhibited somewhere. It is the only way to come to life. Especially if other people can view them. So I can share with my world with the rest of the world, with my friends or other people. On the screen they are insensitive and do not need, so I thought, let them hang around, let them live. Maybe someone will find a piece of him- or herself. 

Don't be afraid of scandal

– Tomiris, tell me, is it easy to be a photographer? Are you going to become a professional photographer or anyone else?

– To be a Photographer is very difficult, in my opinion. My family does not understand me and they are annoyed when I make 10 shots to achieve the desired result. Many people believe that taking pictures is easy – just pressed the button. But I think they are sadly mistaken. Taking pictures is hard work. What positions do you apply to find the right angle and catch a desired shot. But hardest to overcome own education and blatantly point the camera at the face of a stranger without his permission. Asking a permission – shot will be spoiled absolutely, but decide to take pictures of people and not be afraid of scandal after, that is the hardest thing you can come up with. A few seconds of inner fighting of thirst of shot and modest upbringing to be able to orient yourself to catch the moment.

Yes, I would like to become a professional. I often dream about travelling around the world, in different corners of the world, to overcome a variety of dangers and adventures for perfect shots. May be to become a photographer for any magazine and photograph lions in savannah or snow leopards at the height of a mountain or something in that way.

фотограф Томирис Набиева

– What music do you like? Movies? Favorite singers, actors?

– I always get confused when I ask such questions, because everything depends on the mood. I can't say I listen to any particular genre, because in each genre are both good songs or not. And some day I want something melodic, while some, on the contrary, heavy, and other – I would like to listen to classical music. I think it's quite limited: say that you listen exclusively to rap, rock or pop.

I'm not a fan of Hollywood movies. In my opinion, they are pretty commonplace, monotonous and uninteresting. I am of the films with meaning, I like real art in cinema. For example, I focus on the taste and opinions of film critic Oleg Boretsky. I deeply respect and like to listen to his advices. Movies, which he said always hurt and sink into heart. They are always original and meaningful. Cinema is an art, and not that of the many make. I have a lot of favorite actors. For example, I love Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter, Audrey Tatu, Adrien Brody, Marion Cotillard and many other actors.

– Tomiris who is helping to organize exhibitions? Are there any plans for new exhibitions?

– Countless people helped me. These are my teacher in chemistry and teacher for language courses (French). My friends greatly helped me. Very often, they got my back at school when I had to run for shots, or wherever else. They came to the exhibition and were always with me, as far as possible.

Special thanks to Ghaliya, Saule and Shara Barbaro, for their guidance and lessons. For their contribution to this exhibition and for open, warm soul. My dad too greatly helped me, without him I would never succeed. And I am very thankful to my mother, which proposed the idea to arrange a personal photo exhibition, and that during this time was with me, in spite of everything. Thanks to her and my boyfriend Jan for what they love me, even when they had to go to bed at 3-4 am.

Together with Jan we were hung all these photographs long after midnight, despite his strong tremor and many cures. He was present in this Hall more than me and had rear and support for me always like my mother. And the main thing is that if not for them, I probably would have never decided to organize this exhibition. However, everything turned out, and, I hope, I will have exhibitions, and much better and better than this.

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