Serik Buksikov’s Dream and wings

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Friday, 17. January 2014 to Saturday, 25. January 2014

January 17 to 25 Dream and wings, an exhibition of art affirmations by the trendy artist of Almaty Serik Buksikov took place in ESENTAI MALL, the shopping and leisure center in Almaty. 

Affirmations (from Latin affirmatio – to confirm) are formulae of self-hypnosis, which help a person to tune his mind to the positive wave. With their help one can speed up the progress of the accomplishment of his/her desires.  

Thus, in every artist’s painting there was a visual representation of proverbial expressions taken from Koran or from the heritage of the distinguished representatives of Humanity.

Serik Buksikov answered our questions.

Interviewer: Serik, please tell us where do an idea and initiative of such an exhibition come from?

Serik Buksikov: The author of this project is a celebrated financier Bakht Bulatovich Niyazov, who shared his idea with Shamil’ Alyautdinov. They discussed this issue and Shamil’ liked it. He said that this project would become one of the realizations of his early plans and contemplations. Shamil’ Alyautdinov is a young scholar in theology, an imam to the Memorial Mosque in Moscow. He wrote many books on not just religious subjects but also on the applied psychology, time management, representation of the world coaches. In his sermons and books Shamil’ transforms the knowledge of modern philosophers and juxtapose them with Islamic values. I saw interesting images in all this.

I: Were the subjects scheduled? Or have you chosen them himself with inspiration?

SB: Subjects (in the form of texts-affirmations – translations of authentic Hadithes, wise aphorisms) were scheduled by Shamil’ Rifatovich Alyautdinov. I visualized them. Thoughts have their visual image.


I: How many pictures have you painted for the exhibition all in all? Have you painted them by piece or with interruptions?

SB: I painted 31 pictures. I was working during two-three months and was speeding up. Closer to the beginning of the exhibition I hadn’t slept for three nights in a row.  


I: What kind of paints have you used?

SB: Acrylic paints. I’ve used mixed media painting technique. From the digital pad graphics to acryl painting and varnishing. The basis of it is modern material – plastic. In this project I’ve decided to experiment with materials. It seems to me that plastic will endure longer than canvas.


I: Excuse me, where did you get money to buy paints, brushes, and plastic for your paintings from? And what will happen to the paintings after the exhibition?

SB: Money was appropriated by The Generation of Mercy foundation. Some of the paintings are already sold, others are being sold now. Funds from sales in total go to the Children’s Hospice in Almaty. This is the place where children will stay after chemotherapy. We have around 2 million tenge for the moment. 

During this charitable varnishing day Madina Bilyalova, press conference presenter, also conducted an auction where the lot was the painting by Erbol Andossov, a little boy with the serious diagnosis. This “Blue Mountains, Colourful Trees” painting was purchased by Shamil’ Alyautdinov for 200,000 tenge. Thus the dream of this little artist to participate in a major exhibition and sell his work like a true artist came true.

Apart from the paintings, organizers of the exhibition showed viewers a unique calendar with Serik Buksikov’s works. The idea of this calendar also belongs to Bakht Niyazov. According to the author of this idea, he wanted very much to share the energy of art affirmations with those who cannot buy a picture as well. Because the goal of pictures selling is to collect funds for the Children’s Hospice, that is why prices for paintings are rather high. As for the calendar with art affirmations, anyone can get it - this is an excellent motivator for everybody who wants their dreams to come true.

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