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Sunday, 9. October 2016

Almaty hosted an event whose importance cannot be overestimated. The first international conference dedicated to the revival of the Great Silk Road, organized and held the International transcontinental corporation of innovative technologies and the International Fund for Economic Development, Investment and Culture "Nurly Zhol" - "Silk Road". Work conference was preceded by a huge organizational work to establish real working contacts in all countries belonging to the times of the Great Silk Road. Why so much attention to her work has been on the part of the authors of promising economic projects and investors. To participate in the conference arrived very authoritative delegation representing the interested investors from China.

He opened the conference Honorary President "Nurly Zhol" Foundation - "Silk Road" Kazhymkan Kasymovich Masimov, who stressed that the launch of the program "Nurly Zhol" and the idea to create an international financial center in Astana, as well as with China's implementation of "Economic Belt Silk Road "give serious new impetus for joining the Kazakhstan foreign investors. Projects and programs presented at this conference, consistent with the spirit and ideas of the program "One Belt - one way."

Among the participants were representatives of Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, who expressed satisfaction with the fact that the actual steps taken to revive the Great Silk Road, and presented the first investment projects.

The project on construction Caravanserai "Silk Road" is an international center of culture, business, trade - economic cooperation, logistics and technology innovation was presented to a delegation from Kyrgyzstan. 

"The most important role on the Great Silk Road in ancient times played a caravanserai - a place where travelers could rest, eat, regroup their carts and prepare for a new long-range transition. On the long way from China to other countries, such items gave traders an opportunity to exchange goods in the local markets with other travelers, which contributed to the cultural and linguistic exchanges. Thus, caravanserais played a significant role in the cultural enrichment and the development of cooperation between different peoples, promoted the development of "people's diplomacy". With the development of trade routes, created a network of caravanserais, many of which have survived to this day.

Modern caravanserais are designed to serve as an international center of cultural, business, trade and economic cooperation, logistics and innovation. As in the Middle Ages, they should unite peoples and nations under the motto: "One Belt - one way", and will not only be the hallmark of the Silk Road, but also specific centers of attraction and bringing people from different countries.
To test the project "Caravanserai" is proposed to introduce it’s first as a pilot project in Kyrgyzstan, then Kazakhstan and Georgia.

Projects submitted by the Georgian delegation touched on different sides of the economic cooperation between the countries - participants of the revival of the Silk Road.

"High-tech developments started in one of the member countries could make a progressive change in the economy of each country. Thus, the creation of production of biological stimulators for growth of agricultural production will change for the better performance in the industry - in cattle breeding, poultry farming, beekeeping, and so on. ".

Projects were presented in the field of hydropower, renewable energy, for which Georgia has a unique design. Joint development in Georgia, spa resorts in the Borjomi canyon, on the Black Sea coast will not only benefit the development of the tourism industry, but also just the health of inhabitants of our countries. Also, the participants of the conference were presented projects in the medical field - to develop advanced cancer clinics, metallurgy, - for the removal of metals from industrial wastes, and other equally attractive projects for investors.

The Chinese delegation presented their projects in the field of pharmacology. And in particular - a project in Kazakhstan and the growing production of ginseng, a unique Curative products from this truly "golden" root. Also, members of the Chinese delegation, interested in many of the proposals submitted by other countries for cooperation.

At the end of the conference participants expressed confidence that the submitted projects will find interest in the investment structures, and signed a memorandum. And all we will witness in the near future a new era of revival of the Great Silk Road.

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