Open Europe: Exhibition of Elvira Garnysheva

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Thursday, 12. February 2015

In these primaveral days Art Samal Gallery hosted a solo exhibition of Elvira Garnysheva. Perhaps, she is the most mysterious and unpredictable Kazakh artist. "Where the air is pinkish from shingles." The very name of the exposition sets up on something. And is not cheating.

As Christopher Columbus discovered America (as it turns out he was not a pioneer), Elvira Garnysheva (once again) opened Europe for the local public. France. Italy. She believes the works a kind of travel diary, resulting from several trips "on nature" and a few years after "handling" of the collected material.

But it seems to me that all this goes beyond simple landscape of fixation. Impregnated with the spirit of the (air!) a timeless European paintings - these are portraits of some corners (iconic and completely random), sifted through the imaginative sieve and warmed by the strong soulful sense of Elvira.

However - this is my personal opinion. The exhibition still hanging. And waiting for new viewers.

Address of Art Samal Art Gallery in Almaty: 97b Snegin str., corner of Dostyk Ave., Suite # 6, Samal Delux Complex, phone: +7 727 264 02 66.

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