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Saturday, 28. February 2015 to Sunday, 1. March 2015

The South-Kazakhstan Regional Russian Drama Theatre started the new theatre season with three global and pleasant events. First, the theatre finally has its own building. Secondly, it is fully repaired. And, of course, the main news is the premiere. The 550-anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate Theatre staged «Abulhair’s Oath». 

The premiere of the inhabitants of Shymkent waited impatiently.

– The setting – the classic of Kazakh dramaturgy. This play of Tahrawi Akhtanov «oath», – says the Director of theatre Igor Verbitsky. – Our team has a great experience working with famous Kazakhstan film director Kuandyk Kassymov, proclaiming, and we invited him once again to work on a new play, a very serious and responsible for us.

We didn’t know how the spectators will appreciate it, but during all the days, there was no available tickets and the feedbacks are very impressive, so we've got to get through to the audience, to show them the depth of historical events and experiences. 

Южно-Казахстанский областной русский драматический театр, театр Шымкета,

The works are based on the works as of 18th century, by Akhtanov Tahrawi. Kazakhs are at a crossroads: to disappear from the face of Earth, as a nation, or to join Russia and to survive, though not without losses. It is the background, which witness the tragic elements of loving relationships between Abulkhair Khan and Bope Khansha. Their story is strong and deep, but the events, occurred prior to the oath of the Commande are not less tragic ...

Russian theater actors were able to show all the human emotions and passions. Excellent production tricks, competent choreography, rich costumes and props created the atmosphere of grandiosity and helped the spectators to travel back to several centuries ago.

Nurgul Sultanova: "I have a great impression! "Oath of Abulkhair" is a magnificent combination of content, acting, special effects, vocals and choreography. Once again I was struck by the skills of Galina Petrichenko and Igor Verbitsky. I just sat down and cried...".

Южно-Казахстанский областной русский драматический театр, театр Шымкета,

On the basis of the same work, Kazakhstan’s Film Director Viktor Pusurmanov made the movie “The Oath» (another name for «Forget about me»). 

Our reference 

T. Atkhanov was born in 1923 in the village of Karabutak, Aktobe region. In 1941, being at the second year of Pedagogical Institute, he decided to go to the war front as a volunteer. After demobilization, he held senior positions in the national publishing houses and magazines; since 1975, he is the director of the National Chamber of Books of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic. Member of the Communist Party. Member of the Board of the Union of Writers of the USSR.

He is famous writer and researcher of literature. First poems and essays were printed in the front newspapers. Main works in prose: novel «Severe Days» (1956), repeatedly republished in USSR and East Germany, collections of stories «Sorrow of love» (1962), «Confession of the steppe» (1964), «Buran» roman (1966), awarded with the State Prize of Abay and which went through several editions abroad, and favourite works in two volumes -»The Candle Burns» (1974).

The writer created the drama «Saule», «Buran», «Encounter», «Sorrow of love», «The Oath», «Father and Son», comedy «Humble son-in-law».

Author of two monographs: «G.Musrepov» (1956) and «Caravan» (1969).
He translated trilogy of Alexey Tolstoy “Walking on sorrows” and stories of Maxim Gorky into Kazakh language .
T. Akhtanov was awarded with two orders of the Red Star, the Order of Patriotic War of 2nd class, order of Honour, order of the Red Banner of Labor and numerous medals.

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