The Most Beautiful Girl Lives in Neighbourhood...

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Friday, 28. November 2014

In the late autumn, on November 28, one of the most anticipated and grand event of the year was the National Beauty Contest ‘Miss Kazakhstan-2014’ was held in Almaty. 33 girls from various cities of Kazakhstan took part in the contest. Following the results of two contests and people's online and SMS voting, Regina Vandysheva became the winner. She received not only the crown, but also a money prize in amount of one million KZT.

Women, as it is known, are the most enchanting and beautiful creations of the nature, and the women of Kazakhstan, with over 100 nationalities, are 100 times more enchanting and beautiful. And this is not so important that today the contest is won by one representative of the fair sex, and tomorrow another one will win. We are sure that every woman in our country can get the Crown of highest dignity.

Among other things, this thesis is not so long ago has been confirmed by the newspaper "Caravan", which carried out an amusing public opinion poll "What region of Kazakhstan has the most beautiful girls".

As it turned out based on the results of the voting at the newspaper website, the most beautiful girls live in Almaty (45.8 percent of the votes), the girls of the Karaganda Oblast are the second best (29.5 percent), and beautiful women of the North-Kazakhstan Oblast are in the third place (5.9 percent).

Next are the Pavlodar Oblast (4.2 percent), Astana (1.89 percent) and the Kostanay Oblast (1.89 percent). Unexpectedly, the South Kazakhstan Oblast was the last (0.38 percent).

How much approximate is the public opinion to the truth?

In fairness the journalists decided to see, who in recent years has been getting the title of "Miss Kazakhstan". And that's what has transpired.

In 2013, the girl from Almaty Aidai Issayeva was called "Miss Kazakhstan", in 2012, it was Zhazira Nurimbetova from Shymkent, in 2011, Ainur Toleuova from Taldykorgan became the winner, in 2010, it was Zhanna Zhumaliyeva from Uralsk, in 2009, Symbat Madyarova from Almaty, in 2008, Karaganda resident Margarita Nikitina, in 2007, Alfina Nasyrova from Almaty, in 2006, the girl from Atyrau Gaukhar Rakhmetaliyeva.

From 1989 to 2014, girls from Almaty have been winning the title of Miss Kazakhstan in total 9 times! Girls from Shymkent – 3 times, beauties from Karaganda, Pavlodar, Atyrau, Uralsk, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Taldykorgan and Astana – 1 time each.

Well, we believe that all the cities and villages, without exception, have their own "beauty queens". As the forgotten song says: "The most beautiful girl lives in the neighbourhood..."

And for sure, every home and every family have their own unique and definitely beloved beautiful women. They are our grandmothers, mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. The main thing is that we keep remembering about their unequalled beauty!

For reference: today it is the women, who run the show in the world economy. All the world leaders of consumer goods have long focused on the ladies’ needs. This is the explanation: women account for about 20 trillion USD of consumer spending annually and this amount continues to increase.

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