Life is like a holiday

Date of event: 
Thursday, 20. February 2014

The first International Film Festival of the Peloponnese "Cinema friends" invited to attend all film people of Eastern Mediterranean countries, where a Greek diaspora exists, to find ways of cooperation, show the best movies and expand the presence of cinema of the participating countries in the world cultural space.

Blue, blue sea where reflected the most important events of mankind for millennia. Shining sun, whose rays fondled all the most important people of the human civilization. Pictorial white temples and amphitheaters, endless olive groves... This is a lovely Greece. Where else could be held a Film Festival under the motto "Life is like a holiday» - «Life is a Joy»?


The festival was held under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture of Greece, UNESCO Club, Embassies of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. A cinema feast was seething for a week in the beautiful resort town Loutraki near the Athens. Actors, directors, producers communicated with the audience and each other. It did not matter where they came from - Greece, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia or Azerbaijan - a language for mutual understanding was easy to find.


Representatives of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Greece, Venera Nigmatullina, the General Director of Festival "Stars of Shaken", ensemble of folk instruments "Sazgen - Sazy" attended the show of Kazakhstan films. By the way, the ensemble has prepared, especially for the festival, performance of Greek song on the Kazakh national instruments, it just amazed a public.


Movies were in different languages, with English and Greek subtitles. And most importantly, this project was not commercial so the entrance to the cinema was free for all the movies. On the day of Kazakhstan, following films were shown: “A Tale of Pink Hare” by Farhad Sharipov,”The Gift to Stalin” by Rustem Abdrashev and "Nomad" by Ivan Passer.


By the way, the significant fact is that the initiators of the festival in Greece were our former compatriots, who have not lost the love and interest in the place, where they were born and raised, after years of living in another country. Constantine Barzalis, one of the organizers, emphasized that sympathy, respect and other positive feelings are still the strongest powers of attraction. The First International Festival of the Peloponnese "Cinema friends" took place at a very good level. All participants left with big plans for the next movie holiday in Greece.

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