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Friday, 20. September 2013

In September 9th International golf tournament «Kazakhstan Open» was held in golf club «Nurtau» in Almaty.

«Kazakhstan Open» is the strongest tournament of the series of the second division of European golf - «European Challenge Tour». And the prize fund of «Kazakhstan Open» is the highest of all the qualifying rounds, it was 250 000 euros in 2005 and 400 000 euros this year. And since the amount of won money directly affects the player's rating, the strongest players of Europe come in Kazakhstan to take part in the tournament.

Over the years, following players attended and won tournament: Eduardo Molinari, Stiven Brown, Jean-Batiste Gonne, Mark Pilkington, Martin Kaymer. For many European golfers participating in the «Kazakhstan Open» has become a milestone in the sport career.

This year's participants are: Daan Huizing (Netherlands), he is third in «European challenge tour» rating, Yevgeny Kafelnikov, a world-known tennis player in the past, and now a professional golfer and golf champion of Russia in 2011.

132 professional golfers from 44 countries of Europe, Asia, America and Africa were striving for victory on the fields of golf club.

The fight was really intense, because the winning in this division opens the door to the «European tour», the top division of European golf. Top 20 golf players, those who have earned the highest prize income, get to this tournament. And the “European” part of the name “European Challenge Tour” is quite relative as you have probably figured out, the tournament venues locate outside Europe, and players of «European Challenge Tour» are people from different countries and continents. And the successful performance of the players in the tournaments (including the «Kazakhstan open») will allow them to get higher in the rating of «European challenge tour» and give a chance to join the elite of European golf.

Swede Johan Karlsson won today's game with a total result - 203 strokes, 13 strokes under par. Winning the «Kazakhstan open», Carlsson earned 64,000 euros and, more importantly, a ticket to the major golf league.

Another sport achievement has been reached at the tournament, perhaps by world standards it is very modest, but very important for the development of the national golf. A traditional tournament «Pro-Am» happened on the day of the official opening of “Kazakhstan open- 2013”; teams were made up of professionals and amateurs: to each professional player in this competition adds three amateurs and group of four plays as a team.

And team of Kazakhstan junior won this year's “Pro-Am” competition! Players are: Sabyr Dulat, Christina Shevtsova, Albina Agayeva, remember those names. Maybe, they will bring big victories on golf tournaments for Kazakhstan! Brinson Paolini was a professional in the team.

By the way, the juniors are students of Golf Academy «Nurtau», and for them, it was the first big show and the first big victory. At the press conference, they admitted that they have grandiose plans - participation in the Olympic Games in 2016.

This qualifying round will celebrate a 10th anniversary in 2014. The organizers are thinking already how to make it memorable. There is a quite interesting proposal, by the way, to conduct a golf competition on the day of Almaty. This will be a real step to popularize this sport. Many people do not understand golf so far. And it is a shame: golf field may compete with the football field!...

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