Let’s dance

Date of event: 
Friday, 18. October 2013

The international festival Spring Sensation 2013, which took place at RIXOS Almaty Ballroom, became a real celebration. One prepares for events like this beforehand, having glamorous dresses made, and of course, taking dancing lessons. 

The organizers, Wellness Club Luxor and La Danza Lifestyle Dance Club and their partners have had a noble objective to accomplish: apart from the healthy lifestyle support, to also develop worthy relationships between men and women.

Exhibition performances of champion and amateur dance couples at the ProAm festival with the movie stars, pop stars, and stars of journalism and show business fascinated the audience as much as a good theatre play and made them excited as at a real international competition.  

Once the event was finished, in Almaty there appeared much more those wishing to take up ballroom and sport dances. As organizers noted, the goals that they had set were achieved in full.

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