Kazakhstan's debut in the eternal city

Date of event: 
Wednesday, 25. September 2013

Kazakhstan, for the first time, debuted in horse polo on the international scene - in Rome, at the annual polo tournament 3 VLADI International Rome Polo Challenge.

Atmosphere - this is the most subtle energy field that unites people, gives a general empathy for the losers and sincere joy for the winners - all these emotions we experienced in Rome, at the annual polo tournament 3 VLADI International Rome Polo Challenge.

Kazakhstan participated for the first time in the polo tournament on an international scene; thisfact by itself makesthetournament exceptional. For now, the team consists of only foreign players, butchances are increasing every year that in the near future they will be replaced by our compatriots.

At this time, the real Roman gladiators fought for Kazakhstan: Luca D’Orazio, the owner of two polo clubs, ZhinevraD’Orazio, whotrains intensively whole year round, Franco Piazza, the Italian super- professional, and Marquis GoffredoTsitinelliRendina, who played in the World Cup championship last year.

Celebration lasted four days in September last year, and each day was unique in its own way. There was almost no time for a walks around the Rome, but it did not cause any annoyance, because this city is eternal and its secrets are immortal; but polo is a very rare opportunity to get a foot in the door of this closed, but very pleasant community. For the victory fought: Italy, Russia, Kazakhstan, USA, France and Luxembourg. The prime participants of the championship,besides the Italian aristocracy and international polo players, were representatives of business, embassies and media partners from around the world.

Almost all employees of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan came to support their country. Waving flags of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the chorus of applause created such emotionalatmosphere that Italian players, who fought for our country's image, waved flags with genuine pride and delight.

Kazakhstan won the third place - an excellent result for the historic first match. At the awards ceremony VladlenaHermès, event producer,presented to the winners the unique ART Cup and works of modern art from the famous Italian authors Piero Orlando and Fabrizio Di Nardo.

A real storm started during the final games, but the players continued to fight under trying conditions. Ladies in the lovely hats and flimsy outfits, heatedby the emotions,continued to smile and forgot about the weather. By the way, Marina Muravyova, the representative of Kazakhstan magazine "Dorogoi", won a traditional prize "Miss Hat", it was a pleasant surprise.

Besides passion, seething on the field, guests had every day cocktails, gala dinners and celebration in honourof the winners in the best locations of the Italian capital: an old restaurant Fontanella Borghese, aristocratic bar Tartarughinoand restaurant 4 COLONNE, which is located in the Palace Lanchilotti on Piazza Navona.

Guests flew home with a sense of belonging to something very important. Many of them signed up for a polo lesson.

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